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FTM getting induced on Thursday.

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Rosi393 Sat 11-Jun-16 20:16:26

I'm a FTM will be 39 weeks on Thursday and getting induced. Can anyone offer me any good advice for Thursday or how I can better prepare myself or anything apart from the obvious that I should bring to the hospital with me? Thanks in advance ladies.

sepa Sat 11-Jun-16 20:23:10

I'm not sure you can prepare. It's not so bad though. They will do pessary first then if that doesn't work it will be the drip. You can't eat when your on the drip. Wake up early and eat then don't eat again for I would say 90mins (I was sick from the needle thing they put in your hand)
If you go on the drip make sure you have someone who can help you to the toilet as they don't take it out for pee breaks.
Induction (as with any labour) can lead to a c-section to prepare for that.
Loads of knickers and comfortable clothes.
Bring drinking straws and lip balm as drinking is harder and your lips become dry.

Good luck and enjoy your last days before you meet your LO flowers

SpeakNoWords Sat 11-Jun-16 20:45:23

You can eat when you're on the drip, certainly I did when I was having DS1. But, I really didn't feel like eating much at all at that point, so I would suggest high energy things that would really tempt you. A good supply of drinks too. And be prepared to be bored for periods of time, especially when waiting to see if the pessary will work. A tablet/kindle or similar might be a good idea to keep you occupied. It's always too hot in hospitals, so think about cooler clothing, a hand held fan maybe, or a water spray.

sepa Sat 11-Jun-16 21:50:13

speak they didn't let me envy I was starving as drip went in at 11am ish and baby didn't come till 5am. I assumed it was if they needed to do a c-section (which they did). I wonder why it was different for us?

SpeakNoWords Sat 11-Jun-16 22:03:49

It's very odd how things are different in different places. I had the drip in for well over 24 hours, and ended up with an EMCS too, but I remember the midwife encouraging me to try and eat some small snacks throughout. Not that I really felt like it when having fairly constant contractions.

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