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Is it possible to feel 1st baby move at 14 weeks?

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WinterRose92 Fri 10-Jun-16 18:08:56

Hi, just wondering if it's possible to feel the baby move at 14 weeks? The midwifes all say between 16 - 24 weeks for 1st baby, but last night when I was in bed I felt a little flutter, like something inside, only for a few seconds and it went. Then today I've felt the same thing twice! I've had two scans and I know our baby is a very active one but am I going crazy?! I wasn't actively trying to see if I could feel anything, it's just happened and I thought, 'Ooh! What was that?!' Last night I didn't think much of it, but as it's happened twice today I thought I'd see what you guys think!

NavyAndWhite Fri 10-Jun-16 18:11:48


I am not sure. I didn't feel my first till I was 22 weeks and had a huge bump!

Then on I was about 17 weeks and it felt like a sort of tickling from the inside.

Your uterus will still be low down so I'm not sure you'd feel baby yet.
Not long though till you definitely will do smile

LegoCaltrops Fri 10-Jun-16 18:13:02

I felt DD at 13 weeks, so yes, definitely possible. It felt like tiny butterflies or bubbles, & was exactly where my tiny bump had started to form, so I was in no doubt. Congratulations!

WinterRose92 Fri 10-Jun-16 20:09:21

NavyAndWhite That's how it felt, like a tickling from inside! How strange! But if it's isn't it won't be long, like you said 😊 LegoCaltrops Aww, really? That's sweet! It does seem to be exactly where they pressed down when my scans were done. Quite low though. Don't know what to think! Nice to think it is the baby and not just wind, or something! 😂 Didn't feel like wind! Thank you, guys! Xx

Metalhead Fri 10-Jun-16 22:37:03

Yep, definitely possible, I felt DD1 around 14 weeks, like little bubbles popping on the inside.

MrsCrankypants Fri 10-Jun-16 22:47:53

Definitely possible. I felt DD1 at 14weeks and DD2 at just under 12 weeks! I said at the time DD2 will be trouble if I can feel her this early. She hasn't stopped moving since and is 14 months now and won't sit still for a minute!

limeandsoda93 Sat 11-Jun-16 00:04:14

I did at 14/15 weeks smile

Junosmum Sat 11-Jun-16 07:49:55

I did. It was only when I was 17 weeks that I was sure it was the baby moving I'd felt though as everyone had said it was too early. It wasn't.

Ihatechoosingnames Sat 11-Jun-16 07:51:55

Yes it is possible, I felt my DS move around 14 weeks. With my second I felt her move later. It varies a lot

Cheekylittlemonkeypants Sat 11-Jun-16 08:20:27

Yes, it is possible. I felt DD at 16 wks and DS just before 12 wks. I got told it was too early to be feeling DD at 16wks by a MW but I knew it was baby.

WinterRose92 Sat 11-Jun-16 08:24:32

Wow! Thank you for all the feedback, it's amazing to know how many of you felt it earlier, too. Pretty convinced it is baby moving now! 😊 It's made me very happy!

GastonsPomPomWrath Sat 11-Jun-16 08:25:42

Yes, felt my first at 14 weeks. The others have been later every time. Didn't feel my last (5th) baby until 22 weeks.

PrincessHairyMclary Sat 11-Jun-16 08:40:34

Yes definetly possible, I think I felt DD at about 13 week and I didn't believe that's what it was so I balanced something on my stomach which I could then see moving.

Whatsername17 Sat 11-Jun-16 08:49:52

I did - little bubbles popping. Very similar to wind!blush I felt her properly move at about 18 weeks when I felt a sensation similar to how your tummy feels when you drive over a steep hill and it lurches. Best feeling ever.

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