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6 week scan only measuring 2mms and no heartbeat.

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Flossam Thu 18-Jan-07 17:00:22

Have to go back next friday, but it dosen't sound good does it?

lulumama Thu 18-Jan-07 17:01:27

((hug)) often don;t see a heartbeat until 7 +, not sure what measurements should be at this stage..x

Kyte Thu 18-Jan-07 17:18:17

((hug)) May just be a bit too early - could you have miscalculated your dates slightly? I had a 6.5 week scan and it was very small, but did have a heartbeat, but was told if I'd come much earlier they might not have detected it. Hope it all goes well.

Tutter Thu 18-Jan-07 17:19:16

oh flossam, it's a nightmare waiting at this stage isn't it?

with this pregnancy at 5w6d i was told by one sonographer that she could only find a sac - no fetal pole or heartbeat. the same day a private clinic found a heartbeat easily.

so much depends on the skill of the sonographer and the quality of the scanning equipment

i'll try to dig out my notes to find out the CRL measurement for you

good luck - hang in there x

foundintranslation Thu 18-Jan-07 17:19:40

Oh Floss. I'm so sorry you're having this worry. 6 weeks is very much on the borderline wrt seeing a heartbeat (was it a transvaginal scan?), and I'm afraid I'm not sure about the measurements - do you mean the sac or the embryo is measuring 2mm? I think sadly this is going to be one you'll have to wait out. Will be thinking of you and praying all is well. x

shonaspurtle Thu 18-Jan-07 17:23:05

ds was 1.7mm at just under 6 weeks IIRC. They did see a heartbeat but were very, very surprised and I think maybe miscalculated my dates slightly actually.

Hope you get good news next week.

Flossam Thu 18-Jan-07 17:29:33

Hi there, yes it was a t/v scan. The embryo was 2mm. Am now totally baffled as some websites seem to suggest this to be the right size - I am 6+1 today. And not to expect to see a heartbeat until they are 4/5mms I think? Also in my mind is the fact she said it was a bit hard to see as it was right at the bottom of the sac. I've been more crampy this afternoon though and just feel very very low.

EdieMcredie Thu 18-Jan-07 17:33:56

Just replied on the Sep thread. I really wouldn't worry too much-I know it's easier said than done, im well negative. By the sounds of things they aint sure either way and seeing a heartbeat at 6 weeks???!! Im sure for most that is too early. Ill be 6 weeks tomorrow and am not hoping to see a heartbeat-just a yolk would be good...

foundintranslation Thu 18-Jan-07 17:35:07

Just checked ds's first scan pic and there was a heartbeat at 4.5mm. I think the fact that a 2mm embryo is visible is a good sign - it does sound a bit small to see a heartbeat and it really is not always easy to see one at 6 weeks. The cramps don't necessarily mean anyting bad.

I think all you can do is be good to yourself and wait - I know though, it's truly horrible, isn't it? Have a big hug and a virtual cup of tea/slice of chocolate cake from me.

Tutter Thu 18-Jan-07 17:35:17

have you had any bleeding flossam?

where are you ? would you consider a private scan?

Flossam Thu 18-Jan-07 17:40:36

Hi Tutter. We're in Bristol. There is a clinic which does them, and I did consider having one done as I am anxious following a M/C last year. But I had two very small occaisions of spotting on tues and thurs of last week, accompanied with cramping. Cramping is worse again today but generally did improve. Is it just because I am worrying about it?? I decided to see what GP said and hence referral to EPU. I don't think we could afford a private scan. Our heating system is on its last legs and our fence has blown down today!

Tutter Thu 18-Jan-07 17:44:13

it's foul isn't it? once you've lost a pregnancy the early stages of subsequent pgs are such a worry and pass sooooo slowly.

i had pink spotting at 4 and 5 weeks, then - as i said - i was told it wasn't a viable pregnancy. in the end all was fine

i will keep everything crossed for you x

ps as soon as ds has finished tea i shall dig out the crl measurement for you

Flamesparrow Thu 18-Jan-07 17:44:50

Didn't TeeCee have worries like this with her DD2? I agree that it could just be too early.

thinking of you


Flossam Thu 18-Jan-07 17:46:47

Thank you Tutter. I could do with that cup of tea you know FIT!

Miaou Thu 18-Jan-07 17:49:56

Floss, so sorry to hear you are so worried. I will keep everything crossed for you. Wishing you strength over the next week.

Tutter Thu 18-Jan-07 18:07:01

ok, i've found my scan report

i was 6w1d when i was scanned and the CRL was 2.8mm

hope this helps x

PoppiesMum Thu 18-Jan-07 18:16:52

I had to go to my EPU at 6 weeks due to bleeding and had to go back a week later as it was too early to see a heartbeat - that 6 week sac is now a 12 mo dd! Don't get too down just yet - there is a good chance you'll be fine

Flossam Thu 18-Jan-07 19:00:33

Thank you Tutter. Apparently it is supposed to grow 1mm per day. Kind of now wish they could see me before next friday. Have to say though, the staff there were all lovely. Fingers crossed again then.

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 18-Jan-07 19:56:11

Oh Floss Sorry you are having all this worry.

Have to say, 2mm sounds about right. They often dont see a heartbeat until 8+ weeks.

I was very lucky to see a heartbeat at 7 weeks with DS. With DD could just see a feotal pole and sac at 6 weeks.

Flossam Thu 18-Jan-07 19:58:33

Thanks VVV, am feeling more positive now than earlier. I'm just going to have to try and get on with it this week and hope for the best really I think. Also remembered that I didn't get a +ive test untill three days after AF due.

hunkermunker Thu 18-Jan-07 23:31:53

Oh, darling, I'm so sorry you've had this worry

I had an early scan with DS1 at 6+6 and she said she wasn't sure they'd see a heartbeat - we did, but it was on the earlyish side of the normal range if that helps at all?

Lots and lots of love - thinking of you sweetheart x x x x

tortoiseSHELL Thu 18-Jan-07 23:33:42

FLossam - sorry you're having this worry - did you go to the EPU at St Michael's? If so, that's where I went with dd, and they said once you've been once, you're in their system and can just 'drop in' - i.e. you don't need to be referred so you could go back sooner if you wanted.

Hope everything's ok. x

emkana Thu 18-Jan-07 23:34:56

I had lots of cramping in all my pregnancies, it doesn't mean anything necessarily.

Best wishes for you XX

Miaou Fri 19-Jan-07 11:27:37

How are you today, Flossam?

DaisyMOO Fri 19-Jan-07 11:32:10

If you didn't get a +ve till 3 days after AF due perhaps you just ovulated unusually late abd so are not as pregnant as you thought, hence not seeing a heartbeat? I've got my fingers crossed for you xx

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