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really uncomfortable suddenly

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LimesMum Thu 09-Jun-16 23:10:10

I'm 35+4 and suddenly extremely uncomfortable. No position helps, it's hard to explain exactly what I mean... Feels like the baby is constantly moving/hiccuping/ prodding me/ dancing on my bladder. I also feel like I need to open my bowels but just can't (sorry TMI)!!

It's my last day at work tmw and I have a huge commute which I'm finding painful too- walking gives me stabbing type pain right down below. But it comes and goes.

Has anyone else had this? I don't remember feeing so uncomfortable with first baby. It's like my belly is stretched beyond belief.

Maybe it's all just normal?!

DesignedForLife Fri 10-Jun-16 04:46:37

Sounds like your baby has turned somehow maybe?

Could the stabbing pains down below be PGP?

OhWhatAPalaver Fri 10-Jun-16 13:48:28

I found that as soon as baby went head down around 36 weeks that I had lots of new aches and pains. My second one too, I think it's always more painful second time round! Baby is apparently now engaged, which has brought with it lots of other new and agonising sensations!

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