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Underactive thyroid...6 weeks pregnant

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linzwylie123 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:32:20

Hi all, I'm not sure if any one has an underactive thyroid but I was born with it so been on thyroxine since the heel.prick..I was very lucky!! So roll.on 28 years...have recently found out im.pregnant after a mc in April. I'm estimated 6 weeks 2 days. .ish. .was never good at maths. So my TSH levels are high...they haven't been right for years 😯😯. Due to this it increases the chances of mc...but the doctors just won't do anything 😯. They keep sending me for more blood tests to be sure..but I'm concerned and scared and nervous and anxious that the worst is going to happen 😢😢.. has anyone please ever experienced this? I need all the help and advice I can get. I'm going to pay for a private consultation with an endocrinology specialist to help me..I just don't want to lose this wee miracle 😢..

I have post partum thyroiditis after my first pregnancy and my underactive thyroid was being monitored but as soon as I got pregnant again I was put on thyroxine by my gp so it seems strange to me they aren't upping your dose.

Hedgeh0g Thu 09-Jun-16 21:52:19

Google the NICE guidelines and take them along, tell them they need to up your dose and give you regular blood checks until you're within recommended levels for pregnancy. You will be referred to a consultant during your booking appointment, but until then, in my experience, you're going to need to drive your condition yourself. I'm lucky as my GP was pretty compliant and did what I asked, but it felt weird to be the one telling them what to do. Oh, and try not to worry. I was diagnosed during my first pregnancy, but they didn't put me on thyroxine then. I didn't know enough to insist they did, and since in my case it's hereditary there's a strong chance my levels were too high the whole way through. But baby was fine and born at term, so although it does increase the risk and you should get your dose upped, it doesn't necessarily spell doom that you're too high right now.

linzwylie123 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:53:06

Yeah they have said I just have to get my bloods re-tested..3rd time in 2 weeks but no adjustments to my dosage..however I'm on 175mg already...lowest dosage in years...just really anxious about the whole situation confused

linzwylie123 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:54:47

Thank you both for your advice...all help is muchly appreciated

bessie84 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:56:04

see gp or midwife and push for a consultant and endocrinologist.

i have underactive thyroid, been on thyroxine for 13 years.

i see consultant and endocrinologist every 4 weeks and have my thyroid tested every 4 weeks, (levels of thyroxine have never been adjusted in all my pregnancies, but kept eye on)

linzwylie123 Thu 09-Jun-16 22:20:52

Bessie 84 that's good to hear!! Yeah I asked for referral but I'm going private now as don't want to keep putting it off. At least if I see them it will put me in the right direction and hopefully a bit of piece of mind.

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