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Found out yesterday doesn't feel like my life

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chicken2015 Thu 09-Jun-16 19:12:53

So found out last night been trying 18 months, 6 months since periods returned. So technically 6 months, I've wanted this for years I'm 34 been with husband 12 years, just doesn't feel real feel like it's happening to someone else, I guess I'm in shock.

PotteringAlong Thu 09-Jun-16 19:17:09


neonrainbow Thu 09-Jun-16 19:20:40

Aww congrats!!

Bex134 Thu 09-Jun-16 19:29:27

Wow that's fantastic! Congratulations to you and your husband.

FriendlyCod Thu 09-Jun-16 19:59:52

Lovely news, congratulations!

MagpieCursedTea Thu 09-Jun-16 20:33:32

Congratulations! I tried that long with both my pregnancies and it's certainly a weird feeling when you finally get that positive result.
Don't pressure yourself on what you think you should be feeling. Go with the flow!

shhhhSleeping Thu 09-Jun-16 20:36:31

Congratulations! Download a pregnancy app and enjoy tracking the growth of your little bean via the medium of fruit and veg! Cute at the start when you go through olives and peaches....just plain scary when they liken it to a watermelon though!

The veg thing is a bit corny but being able to visualise the size and reading about how it was developing each week made it seem much more real to me.

broodykg Thu 09-Jun-16 21:14:07

Can totally relate, we were trying for 19 months before we got out BFP. Currently 7+2 and it still hasn't sunk in, despite the sore boobs and going off food.

I've enjoyed tracking things on an app to try make it feel more real.


chicken2015 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:58:59

What does the number + 2 mean? I'm guessing how many weeks +2?? It's currently a poppy seed! Which I love downloaded app last night! Struggling with pain but keep thinking of it as period pains as that what it feels like, weird I have to not think of it as that!

broodykg Fri 10-Jun-16 10:29:27

7 weeks 2 days (well 3 days today). Yeah I had quite bad period type pains around that time

happylass Sat 11-Jun-16 06:53:26

Congratulations! Totally understand the feelings of shock. I currently pg after TTC for 4 years and 6 shots at IVF. Even now at 11 weeks (size of a lime grin) I don't think I can quite believe it!

Hopelass Sat 11-Jun-16 06:54:44

Congrats OP and happy flowers

raviolidreaming Sat 11-Jun-16 16:46:13

I know how you feel! We were trying the same amount of time, and I'm now 6 weeks. Felt like a fraud when my midwife / scan appointments came through the post yesterday

chicken2015 Sat 11-Jun-16 18:39:37

Saying I have a midwife appointment in July feels so strange to say that! We r 4 weeks 5 days

Sunshineface123 Sun 12-Jun-16 07:08:24

Hi chicken, we're in the same boat, also found out yesterday, feeling in shock! Happy shock! Also just past 4 weeks, not even called doctors yet. Congratulations xxx

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