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Getting prepared for baby - what clothes do I really need??

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Lf11805 Wed 08-Jun-16 17:29:09

Hi everyone, apologies if someone has already asked this question - I'm new to the site smile. I am just looking for some practical advise on what I need clothes-wise for my baby. I am 19 weeks and want to start getting organised after my 20 week scan. There seems to be lots of practical advise about buying prams, cots etc but I can't find much about clothes. Might seem like a silly question but realistically, how many babygros, sleepsuits, vests, blankets etc do I really need. It's so tempting to buy every cute newborn outfit that I see but I don't want to waste money on clothes never to be worn. The nhs book given to me by my midwife gives a list of something like 5 x vests, 3 x sleepsuits, 2 x hats etc but I'll surely need more than this?! Who knows if I'll have time to keep up to date with laundry after all. Any advise appreciated! Thanks

NickyEds Wed 08-Jun-16 18:16:07

You will definitely need more than that! 6 vests and 6 sleep suits would be ok but 9 of each would be plenty. Plus 2 hats and a cardigan. Perhaps a snowsuit depending on when your baby wil be born. It sort of depends on how much washing you're prepared to do! With my first we didn't even have a washer so had loads of clothes, with my second we had a washer and dryer so she had less. With ds dp and I both chose an outfit to buy, I chose a set of teddy bear dungarees with matching hat and shoes. It was worn maybe twice and cost about £50 (the tiny little shoes went into his baby box though)! Dd just had baby grows!
Don't bother with shoes or scratch mits (buy baby grows with them built in). I washed and ironed all of ds's baby clothes but I wish I'd left some of the tags on some of them so I could have exchanged them for a bigger size. Get Muslims!

NickyEds Wed 08-Jun-16 18:17:18

Muslins not Muslims! ,

SeashellHoarder Wed 08-Jun-16 18:44:26

John Lewis sleep suits are the best in terms of hard-wearing. the plain white ones come in packs of 5. Buy 2-3 packs depending on how much you like washing! The plain white bodies come in packs of 7, buy 2 packs. I would get a full set of both new born and 3 months. People will gift pretty sleep suits and outfits so you just need the basics.

Get 1 hat and 2 cardis.

Get at least 10 muslin cloths.

If you are planning to swaddle, get 3 of the Velcro ones. Also Get 3 light small blankets, cotton is best.

If your using a Moses basket then use pillowcases as sheets. If you can borrow a Moses basket then do they are in our for such a short time.

Enjoy! I found washing all the clothes and blankets very exciting when waiting for DD1

Lf11805 Thu 09-Jun-16 13:04:45

Thank you for the advise. This seems much more practical. Baby is due beginning of November so I will definitely need a snowsuit as well. Good advise on the scratch mits too - hadnt thought of that.

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