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27 weeks - feel weird

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PeppaPigStinks Wed 08-Jun-16 10:26:20

I am sat at work and have achieved nothing - I feel odd. But I can't work out why!

I feel a bit sick but nothing new there and a bit hot (I'm struggling with the heat anyway) but I am tempted to go home.

Not sure if feeling odd is a reason to go home though!

I don't know whether to make an appt at the dr to see if I have a. Uti.

Can anyone suggest ways to stop me feeling odd? I've drunk and eaten today.

MagpieCursedTea Wed 08-Jun-16 10:30:54

Could it be tiredness? How did you sleep?
It's important to listen to your body when you're pregnant so if you feel like you need to rest then do that. Also, if you're worried give your midwife a call. They're always happy to reassure you!

GastonsPomPomWrath Wed 08-Jun-16 10:36:45

Could it be your blood pressure? Any headaches or disturbed vision?

PeppaPigStinks Wed 08-Jun-16 10:43:17

My vision feels weird but I do have a different set of glasses on today which I haven't worn for ages!

PeppaPigStinks Wed 08-Jun-16 10:44:25

Thank you by the way!
Also I had a shocking nights sleep and I really struggled to get off to sleep last night as I just didn't feel right hmm

kiki22 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:51:07

This has been happening to me since 27 weeks almost at 29 and has it a few times.

The mw said that its a little spell of low blood pressure mixed with overheating and slight dehydration. I sort it by drinking a large glass of water then lying down for 10 mins. Don't fight it or you may end up fainting.

PeppaPigStinks Wed 08-Jun-16 11:43:52

Maybe I am dehydrated too. I will get myself a decent drink at lunchtime

elliej83 Wed 08-Jun-16 16:32:49

Could it be a bit of anxiety? I have anxiety outside of pregnancy so its easier to recognise but the feeling of not being productive and feeling out of sorts very much lend to anxiety I think.

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