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Swelling, headaches and static growth!

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user1465376391 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:25:30

Hi all, I am very new to this and I am a first time mum currently 35+1 expecting a little girl. Sorry if I go on to much but dont want to miss anything out and would like as much info/opinions from you guys as possible please smile

I have been suffering with swelling for the last few days, it's mainly in my feet and hands but by mid day has spread up my legs to my knees and my face looks nice and round! My mother and I checked my blood pressure but this is 115/75 so okay and 4 days ago I took a urine sample to my doc as I expected a urine infection but got all clear on that with no protein or sugar found either. I have been suffering with headaches for the past few days and also slightly blurred vision - but not stars like people keep asking?
A relative of mine is a sister midwive but lives far from me so not able to keep a check on me regularly however when I last saw her at 29+5 she measured my bump at 32cm. I have since had two midwive appointments and measured 32 at both of these as well. I was put forward for a growth scan the very same day due to static growth for nearly 4 weeks but on this scan baby was measuring right for gestation (around 33-34). The midwives were happy to see this but still want me back today to check measurement as although baby was okay for gestation which was great but their concern is she could have been that size since i was originally measured at 29+5weeks as there's not been any other recent scan to compare too. I have a few concerns as I'm sure everyone at some point on their first pregnancy panics over anything/everything :/ has anyone else experienced something similar to this? Is it possible I could have a form of pre eclampsia - again no protein found a few days ago and not recorded any high bp but severe headaches/swelling/visual problems and static growth which I know can be a problem associated with this so I am worrying!

Please help!
I will give an update later today once I've had my check up too.

Thank you!

bessie84 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:31:48

ufff, i could have wrote this myself. could it be weather related? im suffering terribly with headaches, swelling ect, however, no protein, bp fine ect. bump massive (measuring 42 at 35+, having large baby) im putting symptoms down to been extremely hot and been at the back end of pregnancy like you.

hope you feel better soon and more reassured after your check up x

Clarefairy24 Wed 08-Jun-16 14:22:47

Thank you for your response Bessie84. Back from check up, MW says I'm 35cm so spot on..sudden growth spurt I suppose! MW had a good poke around and said baby is head down and engaged! She suggested that baby could be pushing down on main artery causing the blood to pool/water to stay in lower legs ankles and feet but more likely that the hot weather is definitely not helping either and just an unfortunate symptom of being pregnant 😩. I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and here's to wishing that the swelling subsides for both of us!! grin


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