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What do you's think?

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132xx Tue 07-Jun-16 15:32:31

Hi everyone,

Well i'm 25 weeks pregnant this wed, i'm due September 21st 2016, my first day of my last period was between the 16th - 19th dec 2015, I had sex on the 26th dec 2015 and a few times after with my ex from years ago, but i had sex with my partner i'm with now for the first time on the 9th jan 2016, i took a test 11 days after that on the 20th jan and i was ofcourse pregnant, my cycle is never longer than 28 days.. can go from 24-28 though just depends but never longer than 28 days, when i slept with my partner on the 9th jan it was a few days before my period, not sure when i ovulated so i could have already missed my period or they were just about to start, is there a chance at all my partner could be the father or 100% my ex's ? Would also like to put i had my first scan on the 15th march i got the due date 21st September i was 12 weeks 6 days took me back to the 16th dec 2015, what is about right as i can't mind when my period started but can mind having them on the 19th dec and a few days after that, then had sex on the 26th dec 2015 so stopped before then, everything stayed the same at my 20 week scan also all the dates, would like to put i wasn't with my partner at the time i had sex with my ex boyfriend, so i never cheated, what do others think? they both know i'm pregnant, i think i know my little lady is going to be my ex's going by the dates, don't think my partner i'm with now could be the father, there's about 1% chance? unless the dates are out a little but i doubt it, just wondered what others thought?

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