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Home Birth & Pethidin

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Thenadish Tue 07-Jun-16 13:43:10

Afternoon all, I'm 37+4 and have a home birth planned which until today I was feeling very calm and confident about.

I had my mw appt yesterday with two of the team to discuss the birth in more detail. For various reasons the pain relief I'm planning involves TENS, water, massage and aromatherapy. However I was told previously and all through the pregnancy by initia MW, NCT etc that I could have pethidin and I'd like this on hand as a back up. Yesterday the MW explained I would need to arrange this via my GP as they don't prescribe it.

I visited the GP today after spending the whole morning booking an appointment and waiting around only to be told they won't / don't do this. He has spoken to my MW and they seem to have disagreed about the correct way to secure the medication but the long and short of it is the GPs will not provide it and my MW haven't responded to my messages explaining what's happening and asking for help.

Did anyone on here have a home birth and use Pethidin? For so can you remember who arranged it and how?
I'm hoping I won't need it but considering I'm supposed to be upping my oxytocin right now I could really do without this headache!

Thanks in advance

Moggysinger Tue 07-Jun-16 19:45:43

Sorry I've not had experience of this yet as I'm only 18 weeks pg myself ...! But, when I saw midwife yesterday she brought this up as I am planning a home birth. She said I would need to get it on prescription from GP. So just echoing what you thought really. Stay calm but perhaps get assertive with gp, they must be wrong because how else are you going to get it, I think it's a controlled drug which is why they have to prescribe it. Can someone else - family or friend help you out here ie be your advocate? Also do you have 24 hr number for midwives? They need to back you up and speak to GP on your behalf. Hope you get it sorted

IkaBaar Tue 07-Jun-16 20:00:36

This is an area of confusion with GPs/midwives etc. i guess it might not come up that often as women planning home births don't always want pethidine/diamorphine etc.

Your GP can prescribe it for you, but they can refuse to do so. They might feel uncomfortable prescribing it as they don't have experience in the area, they also might have issues knowing what dose to write on the prescription.

If your GP refuses, the midwife can get it via a Midwife supply order (assuming it's the same across all the UK). I'd contact your midwife and see what she advises- it might be that another GP in the practice is willing to prescribe it for you.

Thenadish Tue 07-Jun-16 21:12:58

Thank you both. I've emailed the senior partners at the GPs so will see what response that prompts.

My midwife is basically saying there is nothing she can do which I think is frankly crap!

troubledsoul12 Mon 13-Jun-16 07:44:35

I didn't have home birth because I am high risk pregnancy and also I was with my previous but my friend had it and her GP prescribed it.

Midwives can't do it , they can administrate but only dr can prescribe it .

troubledsoul12 Mon 13-Jun-16 07:44:55

Also all the best x

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