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Very annoyed with HR

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Marquand Tue 07-Jun-16 08:45:58

I'm 31 weeks pregnant. I spoke to HR ages ago to find out exactly what their maternity leave policy is. You can get 4 months fully paid mat leave, or 5 months at 80% paid. There is therefore no financial difference to the company. Since 4 months will end shortly before the end of November, and South Africa (where we are) basically shuts down in December, I have made all my plans for the 80%/5 months option.

I started to look at completing the necessary paperwork yesterday, and realised HR made a mistake, since confirmed by them (oops). For bargaining unit staff members, there is the 80%/5 months option, but for management, there is only the 100%/4 months option.

This is completely messing with my plans. The last two weeks of December is anyway compulsory leave, and I would have to use annual leave rather than maternity leave for that. I don't have much leave saved up (blame two other children for that!), so that means I'd have virtually no leave days when my oldest starts primary school in January.

I'm so frustrated. I'll do my best to get them bend the rules, but it is a large company, and they generally don't like doing that.

If I had been given the correct information in the first place, this wouldn't have happened!!!

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