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Restart the thread

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Fedupandfat2016 Mon 06-Jun-16 23:12:29

I know this is an old thread but I really feel like I need to start this again as I cannot be the only one feeling this way. I am 33+2 and absolutely fed up. Dont get me wrong I am soo happy for my blessing and cannot wait to meet my little man but I am not enjoying being 3 stone heavier,greasy,tired and feeling sick after every meal I eat (takes a good 7hrs to digest) . Iv got 4 weeks left at work and feel like maternity leave is the dumbest thing ever when u have to suffer aslong as possible not to waste a load of it before your baby even arrives. I am swollen 80% of the time and have carpel tunnel syndrome so can barely sort myself out in the bathroom without my hand aching with pain then going completely numb, ohh not to mention my bk injury which has now reappeared since getting preg and half the time i cant get out of bed.. Hope some of you are having a better time than me! 😔😔 #sorryformyself

seven201 Tue 07-Jun-16 05:18:02

Oh good let's make this a whinge thread. I am fed up too. It will do me good to write it down and get it off my chest.

I'm sorry you're also having a rubbish time. My maternity leave was automatically brought forward to 36 weeks as I was signed off shortly before - although I was annoyed at the time (as it means less time with baby later) I'm glad actually as I just couldn't cope.

Here's my list:
Constant UTIs - now on antibiotics for remainder of pregnancy so this helps.
Hydroneohrosis (sp) kidneys have swollen and blocked - painful!
Thrush that won't go - I have a repeat prescription for pessaries but nothing shifts it
I have mild pre-eclampsia -controlled with meds and lots of monitoring
I'm anaemic and the iron tablets make me constipated which keeps me awake at night (hence me posting this at 5.15am)
If I have managed a poo during the day then it will be the acid indigestion (burp sick is so attractive) that keeps me awake or the trapped wind!
I am so tired all the time - I just want a decent nights sleep!
I had a failed evc yesterday to try and turn the baby (she's breech). Am now booked in for a c-section next Wednesday.
Baby measuring very large on abdomen so going for glucose tolerance test this Wednesday.
For the last month i have probably had about 12 hospital appointments (and am guaranteed to be poked by at least one needle per appointment) and am fed up with it and all the bloody tablets I have to remember to take at various times.

I am so so happy to be pregnant though and come next Wednesday afternoon/evening I will have a daughter (all being well) so it will be worth it!

This has been cathartic. smile

seven201 Tue 07-Jun-16 05:19:43

I forgot to add random leg cramp in the night!

I just do not understand how some people have 'easy' pregnancies - I am so jealous!

icklekid Tue 07-Jun-16 06:04:24

I love a good pregnancy moany thread! I'm only 27 weeks but suffering from hypermesis and spd. Been signed off work for large amounts of this pregnancy and currently struggling again. This is my second and definitely last pregnancy. Dealing with a 2 year old at the same time is pushing me to my limits! Bring on summer holidays so I don't have to try and work. Oh yes and currently living on a building site with extension that should be finished next week but definitely won't be!

Fedupandfat2016 Tue 07-Jun-16 06:43:21

Seven201 - Bloody h**k I thought i was having a bad time. Cant imagine how fed up you feel. Seems like your on meds for everything possible.
The burp sick - is it not one of the most horrid things you have ever experienced. I hate it , even if you enjoyed your meal, after that you are put off eating it again.
Next week though it will all be over for you, your nearly there so - head up and put your best face on for the finish line wink
Unlike us icklekid lol - sorry trying to lighten the mood a little seen as were already fed up. I seriously take my hat off to you having already got a child. I did a week stink of family babysitting when i was 29 wks for a 2 yr old and I had never been so knackered I was like a zombie!!
Guessing your a teacher why your excited for the holidays - but wont you be more tired having to care for your little one all day ?
hmm ohh and the extension all I can say is goodluck with that my person experience with builders and extensions was not anything to write home about - jst try your hardest to just focus on it being done by the time your due, see anything before that as a bonus otherwise you will start stressing, and neither you nor baby need that.

Fedupandfat2016 Tue 07-Jun-16 06:45:29

Ohh and yeah i have been up for a while - don't sleep much myself with this Carpel Tunnel - only so much numbness / pins and needles you can take before the idea of sleep becomes pointless.
Its to the point I sit and watch my partner sleeping and just want to hit him out of spite so he doesnt sleep either - pregnancies making me evil 🙈

Sanch1 Tue 07-Jun-16 06:56:42

I am 38 + 6 and completely done! My list of woes include:

SPD and now scaitica, no sleep.
Hot sticky and gross
Constantly smelling funny 'down there.'
Four episodes of reduced movement and constant worry about it.
Toddler to chase after.

Out baby out!

seven201 Tue 07-Jun-16 07:16:14

Thanks fedupandfat (great name btw)!

I think we're all entitled to feel incredibly sorry for ourselves no matter how small or big our problems are. grin Moan away ladies.

I also want to punch my husband when he's sleeping soundly. Poor sod. I have somehow only managed to wake him up once intentionally and that was because I was in so much kidney pain I needed to go to maternity triage. I have however woken him up many times by farting or burping incredibly loudly unintentionally!

My burp sick often tastes of fish even when I've not eaten any for a few days. It's truly vile. It seems to happen most often just as someone asks me a question...

I've always wanted at least 2 kids but I just keep thinking my God how could I possibly have a toddler and cope with pregnancy again. Hats off to you second time+ pregnant women.

malvinandhobbes Tue 07-Jun-16 08:31:44

OP you are my kindred spirit of symptoms. I am 32+5

Last night I was awake between 1-5 am with carpal tunnel, restless legs (and elbows), and itchy feet and hands because my hands keep swelling and shrinking. The carpal tunnel is the worst, I can get into a good position for my arms, but the baby hates that position. This morning I told DH about my night and he commented that he didn't sleep either because it was hot. He suggested we weren't sleeping because of the heat! I haven't actually spoken to him since. While my brain knows DH is only being mildly annoying and selfish, I feel rage. I couldn't cut the crusts off DS sandwich this morning because my wrists hurt so bad, and DH suggested the wrist brace was causing me pain!!!! Fucking asshole. Rage. Then he sneezed and it was the end of the world. Rage. Distress. Sobs.

It is hot, and I am down to dresses but need leggings because my thighs rub and I can't sit with my knees together. I am wearing birkenstocks, because they fit, but then my incredibly swollen feet are on display.

I really want to finish a big job at work but I can't concentrate on anything.

I am so over this pregnancy. I do have excellent hair. That is a consolation.

Jodie1982 Tue 07-Jun-16 08:51:56

Omg why am I doing this again for the 6th time 😣😁
Chins up ladies. It'll all be worth it. Xx

Fedupandfat2016 Tue 07-Jun-16 09:04:10

Seven201 - The name was EXACTLY how i felt yesterday.. I was greasy because all of a sudden my face wont stop producing oil, i was tired, i am hairy (my eyebrows may decide to join and becOme one shortly and my hair needed doing ) so I was a right state. Today I plan to rectify atleast a few of those issues 😞

About the men sometimes I do feel sorry for them because i do bite my fellas head off sometimes out of nowhere but then just like malvinandhobbes said - its like they are oblivious - they think everything your complaining about is for some other reason and can't be as bad as were making it out to be - when in fact its probably worse, because i am sure just like me you all get fed up of moaning to THEM (turning us all into men haters lol).
😂😂 Thank you higher power - i thought i was the only one that ws breaking wind uncontrollably in my sleep..... Ever been woken up by a loud noise to realise you own gas has shocked you awake - I call that ultimate embaressment lol!!!!

I wanted 4 kids before I got preg and right now I am down to the thought of 2 and thats only because I would like my baby to have a sibling - but even that idea is waining as I have a neice n i am sure they can play with and grow up with eachother if needs be lol..

I am currently in bed waiting for my docs to open to see if I can be given 2 hand splints for this CP ... I have reached the point where I would rather look like the bionic women then deal with this anymore. My job involves alot of writing and typing ( probs 6/8hrs a day as im an assessor) both of which are getting impossible for that length of time, i can barely hold the kettle to make myself a cuppa nevermind-!so need this swelling gone asap. Hoping it works 🙄 Maybe wishful thinking

Marvinandhobbes - I know its a terrible thing to say but your crust rage did make me chuckle. Its mad how something so simple can send us into rage.
To some extent I envy your choice of dresses as I have been avoiding the good weather as its making me swell more so i sit inside n look out like the saddo i have become lol.
Why can't you have your knees together?
But on a better note - good hair is always welcomed wink

Fedupandfat2016 Tue 07-Jun-16 09:09:32

Jodie - 6th time - your a superhero ... How the heck did u get through this 5 times already!!!!
& Sanch1 maybe you have thrush - meant to be common for pregnant ladies - I have got increased discharge but no itch etc so Im jst assuming thats normal 🙄 Shud gt it checkd out - no reason not to.

socktastic Tue 07-Jun-16 09:21:28

Ooh can I join in? I'm also mega fed up even though this is technically my first day of maternity leave.
36+5 and had 36 week appointment at midwife yesterday. She said everything is looking positive, baby is engaged, I've been getting braxton hicks which apparently means I'm making all the right hormones too. She also gave me a row for eating sugar! I'm 9 months pregnant. Too bloody right I'm going to be eating high quantities of sugar! What does she expect??
I can't really waddle very far anymore and the house is beginning to feel a bit like a prison. Hips and tops of legs are constantly aching, the bh are getting more painful, I've not had a proper poo in months but I can't really wipe my own bum anymore anyway.
Just want the wee man out now!

malvinandhobbes Tue 07-Jun-16 09:23:07

Fed Up I bought my own wrist splints. My NHS trust is one of the worst in the country, it was taking ages to get an appointment with the pregnancy physio and then I would have to take time off of work. It is cheaper for me to buy the splints than it is to sit around the hospital clinic for half a day. The splints help a lot.

I sleep with two, but only wear the right one during the day as needed.

I can sit with my legs together, it just isn't that comfortable. I'd rather sit like a fat man on the bus. I also have an exercise ball at work to sit on, this keeps my feet from falling asleep at my desk.

This is my third pregnancy. I remember thinking after my second that I would have to adopt the third baby because I hated pregnancy so much. Then I forgot. Pregnancy and labour are like that - otherwise no one would have babies.

Fedupandfat2016 Tue 07-Jun-16 09:38:10

Malvinandhobbes - I have just spoken with my doc on the phone and tbh i think im going to go out today and buy my own splints too - cant be waiting for refferels and all that jazz.
I just need something so I can have a good sleep and be able to wipe my bum without my hand going numb (haha too much info).
Ohhh i get what you mean about the knees thing now, neither can I , if i shut my legs i feel like im going to explode - too much pressure.
Your company seems nice though to let you have your ball in there.

Alot of ppl say you forget about the birthing pain and the pregnancy but we will see !!!

Socktastic- You aint got long to go either mate - you can do it - just think atleast when hes out and its sunny you can take him out in the nice weather - would be a bummer if he was going to be a winter baby and you had been stuck in the house prior.
I envy your mat leave - but you have earnt it , im not off for another 4 weeks nearly - finish at 37 weeks. Cannot flipping wait to just not move - not force myself into uncomfortable clothes, not to walk the green mile from my car to work. Simple pleasures ayy ladies!

But one thing I can say to all the waddlers (because I am one too) - WADDLE WITH PRIDE - we waddle because we are harvesting a blessing - many people in the world who cant have kids, so however we look - its only for a while - we WILL be fabulous again 💅🏽👄💋💄

Marquand Tue 07-Jun-16 09:43:16

Hello all fed up pregnant fairies! I'm with you 100%.

31 weeks and counting. Thank goodness I'm in the southern hemisphere so it's winter here. And I've lost nearly 9kg since I've fallen pregnant. I hardly look pregnant. Everyone tells me I must be made for pregnancy.


I've been nauseous throughout (thus the weight loss), but the vomiting only started in the 3rd trimester. I constantly feel like I'm on the lookout for the closest toilet. And of course - the indignancy of it all - I need to make sure that either have clean underwear or remove it before I vomit, because the retching makes me pee all over myself. Charming. Nothing to make you feel like a competent employee like pissing yourself.

There is a new boss at work, and I slipped up last week (I was sick, btw), and I got an email addressing me like I wouldn't talk to my 6 year old. I'm furious, of course, but I did make a mistake, so have no leg to stand on, other than appeal to her bloody decency.

Our kids are 3 and 6. Darling germ factories. We have had every single germ in the universe entering our house, and endless coughing, snotty noses, tight chests, etc. Me too- it's been nearly 8 weeks of not being well, and the course of antibiotics I was on made me through up profusely. The kids are wonderful, but they are small, and don't always understand, and they very much demand their pound of their mother's exhausted flesh.

Add to that a stressful year where, during the pregnancy, we moved house, my husband was hijacked, I found out he had an affair last year, and we are looking at renovations to the new house (the big things are not happening now, I can assure you). All these things have taken their toll, and I'm just tired tired tired, dealing with a body that is rebelling and a life that is, like most other lives, not simple.

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