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30 weeks and feel utterly shite

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Colabottle10 Mon 06-Jun-16 18:39:11

I'm going to have a little pity party for one here.

30 weeks tomorrow. I'm still throwing up and constantly nauseous. The only way to stop the nausea is to eat, so I've got much bigger than I wanted to be.

I hate my bump. It's awful. I see pictures of lovely bumps and then mine repulses me. The top part is normal, bump comes out from under my boobs, but the bit under my belly button is just a hanging layer of flab covered in angry red stretch marks sad I won't undress in front of DH anymore. I hate how I look.

I'm tired. Tired all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. I've been on the iron tablets for anaemia for a week now and don't feel any better.

We've had DHs father stay for 2 weeks. He's an easy house guest, but no sooner has he gone this morning we've got 2 other house guests coming tonight for a week to do with work.

We run our own business and this coming week is a huge one for us. I can't be arsed being sociable, but I've got to.

Nothing fits. I look hideous in everything. I just want to stay in my PJs until I'm thin again sad

OhIfIMust Mon 06-Jun-16 18:53:59

Just flowers for you. Do the next house guests have to stay? Could you put them up somewhere else / could they put themselves up elsewhere?

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