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Spotting/pain in early pregnancy?

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wispaxmas Mon 06-Jun-16 10:22:47

Right, so - did you have it? What happened? What did you do and who did you see, or did you see no one?

I had a bit of pink spotting this morning, and I've had abdominal pain off and on since last week. Yesterday it got so bad as to stop me in my tracks to get past it. I think I was just overdoing it as I was on my feet ALL DAY (20k steps by the time I went to bed). I'm only 6 weeks on Wednesday, though, so I know miscarriage is still a big risk. I called the GP for advice and they've asked me to go in tomorrow morning, but if it gets worse to go in immediately and to take it easy today.

I'd normally be a wait and see kind of person as what will be will be, but the pain I felt yesterday now has me worried about the possibility of ectopic, which I know is really important to catch early on. Is this just another irrational pregnancy worry? WWYD?

Crumbles12 Mon 06-Jun-16 10:37:43

I've had spotting in both pregnancies and with one miscarriage, one DC and currently 28 weeks with number 2.

With the first I bled at about 8 weeks and again at 10 weeks, it was a couple of table spoons each time and was told to go to the early pregnancy unit both times where they scanned and everything was fine with no known cause for the bleeding, baby went to full term and now a healthy 4 year old!

With the mc I just knew instantly the baby had gone, I lost a big clot then continually bled like a heavy period. Was told to go to A&E where it was confirmed.

3rd pregnancy I've had a couple of occasions of spotting similar to my first but have been checked out via the DAU at hospital and no causes to the bleeding found.

It really is different for everyone but spotting is so common in early pregnancy and could be old blood from implantation, if you are in the UK I would call 111 and ask for advice, or if you can get a GP appointment for today, I'm sure everything is fine but you need the reassurance, I hope everything's ok.

ChocChip01 Mon 06-Jun-16 15:47:27

Hi wispaxmas, not sure if I can be much help but I thought I would share my experience so far. I am only just over 4 weeks. Been having achey lower back and pelvis on and off for a few days similar to PMS (didn't think much of it). Yesterday got a small amount of light brown spotting in panty liner only happened once but I completely freaked and panicked. I phoned my local EPU (I know probably a bit OTT but being a Subday and I've never been pregnant and googling the symptoms just gave me mixed answers). They told me this can be normal and it was just my body adapting to changes and advised to monitor if it gets worse to phone them again. Today so far less aches and only the tiniest spot in my liner more of a beige colour. But I am feeling so paranoid and anxious this could all end. Trying to continue with normal routine to take my mind of things but so hard.

I think you are doing the right thing and not being irrational - the NHS website does state to seek medical advice for bleeding/pain in pregnancy and that's what EAU are there for. Hopefully your GP is understanding and makes the appropriate referrals if needed. Good luck fingers crossed all is ok. Xx

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