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raspberry tea leaf!

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kiwi10 Mon 06-Jun-16 01:47:26

I'm 39+3 and tonight around 11pm I had raspberry tea leaf and I've woken up with cramps it feels like menstrual cramps could the raspberry tea leaf caused it as it does say it can tone your uterus!

The cramps have been nearly 50 minutes these menstrual type cramps have appeared! blushblushblush

Heirhelp Mon 06-Jun-16 02:02:31

There is not much raspberry leaf in a couple of cups of tea. At 39 weeks I would think you are in early labour.

Get as much rest as possible and eat if you are hungry.

RosieThorn Mon 06-Jun-16 08:34:45

I started drinking Raspberry leaf tea when I was about 37 weeks, didn't get any cramping. As Heirhelp said, at 39+3 I'd be thinking labour (or possibly braxton hicks?)

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