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Round ligament pain question!!

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AutumnRose1988 Sun 05-Jun-16 22:02:32

I'm worried that I'm feeling almost too well.

I'm pregnant with twins (22 weeks) and did suffer from RLP up until perhaps 17 weeks where it eased considerably. The babies kicks are getting stronger but the idea that I have no pain makes me worry I'm not expanding! This is my first pregnancy and it hurts when people say I'm small or I barely look pregnant and then I say it's twins and they look surprised but I did have a really flat stomach before.

The only muscle related stuff I feel now is the odd bit of pinching in my groin area and I can get up from being seated and it feels like my muscles need to adjust to standing and I'm almost doubled over before they kind of warm up but it's not painful. I seem to be able to bend over easier now like the bump has moved to a more comfortable position-is that possible?

What does everyone think? Is it a case of it being a symptom that some have and some don't or is it a symptom I'm missing because there is a problem with growth???

SeashellHoarder Sun 05-Jun-16 22:57:00

Disclaimer: I've never had twins, but there is a reason the second trimester is the best, I think it's normal to feel great. For me, I in both previous pregnancies RLP was in trimester 1 & 3.

Have you just had your anomaly scan? Did they say babies are growing well?

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