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Question on very early pregnancy!

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Tilly3454 Sun 05-Jun-16 16:41:44

Hello! I've been driving myself mad since I found out I was pregnant from a faint bfp at 9dpo. I suffered a miscarriage at 8 weeks this time last year and finally fell pregnant again! grin but the excitement didn't last long before I started worrying again.
I've stupidly looked at chances of ectopic etc. I have a few symptoms but not many, one that stuck out was I keep feeling faint a lot and shakey.
I guess I'm just wondering about any help I can get for some reassurance.

Can I go to my doctors for blood tests etc even though I don't have any signs that anything is really wrong yet? confused
I've iploaded some pictures

First is at 9dpo
Seconds is at 11dpo
Third is at 12dpo (today)

My miscarriage last year I didn't get a Bfp as strong as 9dpo until to days after missed AF which is giving me hope!

Helloooomeee Sun 05-Jun-16 16:55:10

flowers it's so hard once you’ve lost a pregnancy. You can always speak to your gp. I suffered a prolonged miscarriage followed by a chemical pregnancy then during my third pregnancy I saw my gp every 2 weeks for support as I had previous mental health issues and a bleed at 8 weeks left me convinced I would miscarry again.

However, my gp's advice was to never test/scan unless symptoms required as it would only tell me what was going on at the particular moment and would not remove the concern which would only be resolved by giving birth. Ds1 is now a strapping 4 year old with attitude.

FuzzyOwl Sun 05-Jun-16 16:55:43

Sorry to hear about your loss and congratulations on this pregnancy. I had a mmc, DD and am now pregnant again (19 weeks). This pregnancy has been almost symptom free with just some headaches from around 11 weeks and a bit of heartburn. I haven't felt tired, had no cravings, no food adversions, not even a hint of nausea let alone any sickness and had quite weak BFPs until my tests ran out and I stopped POAS.

I don't think your doctor will do any blood tests for you unfortunately but if you continue to be concerned about an ectopic pregnancy, you might be sent for a scan once you are around the five week mark. Years ago, before we had hpks a pregnancy symptom was fainting and that was regarded as a perfectly normal thing for a woman having a healthy pregnancy to do.

I know how hard it is to be pregnant again after a mc but try to cling to the thought that every pregnancy is different and today you are pregnant. I hope everything goes well for you.

Ellie06 Sun 05-Jun-16 22:14:03

Just a quick thought have you had a look at the data on implantation dates? If you didn't get a BFP until a while after AF last time you could of had a late implantation which has a much higher chance of miscarriage. Sounds like you implanted around day 7 this time if you got a BFP on 9DPO which is the best in terms of low miscarriage rates. Also ectopic pregnancies tend to have really low hormone levels and can be completely undetectable on home pregnancy tests so the fact that you have a BFP so early is a good sign.

I hope this helps, I am worrying about every little thing as well and I know how impossible it is to stop yourself. Good luck and congratulations grin

Tilly3454 Mon 06-Jun-16 19:50:19

Thank you so much for the comments!
Really helps me to feel more positive.

I actually went to talk to my gp about my concerns regarding my previous miscarriage, and I have just had a blood test and I should find out the results tonight to monitor them.

I have started to worry less and just try and enjoy the new pregnancy grin

Did anyone have hormone checked at four weeks?

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