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Confused about which appointment I'm going to tomorrow

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Ellie06 Fri 03-Jun-16 20:20:24

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the midwife at our local hospital and I'm confused over what appointment it is. Looking on the NHS website it says there can be a 'first visit' and a 'booking appointment'.

On the phone to the midwife she said I would have this appointment tomorrow, and at this one I would have blood tests taken and be able to book my dating scan at 12 weeks. She said after the 12 week scan I would need to book my next appointment, which would be with the GP at 16 weeks.

Now I'm confused because reading the info it sounds more like a booking appointment than a first visit, but I'm only 6 weeks pregnant, not 8?

Ffion3107 Fri 03-Jun-16 20:26:35

Not sure if yours will be the same ad my first appointment which was at 6 weeks but, in mine, she weighed and measured me, took all of my details including previous pregnancy and immediate family's health history, checked my urine, blood pressure and a carbon monoxide test.
It took about an hour.
The hospital then sent me my scan date and that's where I had my blood tests, unlike my first pregnancy when the midwife took them in first appointment.

CatsCantFlyFast Fri 03-Jun-16 20:27:29

I think it's your booking appointment. The booking appointment is always before 12 weeks but can be from 6-12 weeks

CatsCantFlyFast Fri 03-Jun-16 20:28:36

And you'll need a urine sample. If you don't like being given a pot and expected to pee in it there and then, then make sure you take one with you

Ellie06 Fri 03-Jun-16 20:44:12

Thanks ladies smile

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