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Chronic back problems - not pregnant yet

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TrixiePixie85 Fri 03-Jun-16 19:11:42

Just wondering if there's anyone here who has chronic/severe back problems (I mean before you were pregnant!) and if so - how does it affect you and how much worse have they become whilst pregnant? I have a lot of trouble with my lower 2 discs and the facet joints already, and am in severe pain on a daily basis which is sometimes so bad it leaves me in tears and unable to work. I'm considering starting a family in the near future but worry if my body could physically cope with it?! Would love to hear other people's experiences! X

Britnyspears Fri 03-Jun-16 22:04:03

Hmmm are you having treatment now? Is it a constant issue or do you go through phases?
I have two herniated discs that would flare up badly several times a year but could be calmed with naproxen, chiro/osteo and physio. I also did pilates most days. In the 1st trim i stopped all exercise as was paranoid about miscarriage and unsurprisingly my discs went crazy!!! Not being able to medicate was a nightmare and it took 4 months of agony to calm. I found a specialist natal physio really helped along with pregnancy pilates. Now due to the sheer weight I'm carrying my back is cramping and I'm heading for another relapse.

But I'm trying to plan ahead and make the nursey all waist height, i use a gym ball at home and work and am doing shared leave so husband can do most carrying in early months.

Sorry if this is rambling. I hope some of it is useful.
I think i googled an old thread about discs and pregnancy on here- so have a look, there were many in the same boat. Good luck! It can be done!

TrixiePixie85 Sat 04-Jun-16 08:51:26

Thanks so much for replying! Yes I've tried a few different treatments but nothing really works... They want to operate really but as I'm only 30 and it'd be a spinal fusion (big op!) they're not keen to do it whilst I'm still so young. I take medication and do physio - and have also started Pilates too. But my pain is constant and I suffer daily... It sounds like you're having a pretty rough time! I'm sorry to hear that. :-( I also worry about not being able to medicate and know that the weight of being pregnant will undoubtedly make things a lot worse! Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look for that disc thread! Good luck with everything - I really hope you're in a lot less pain again soon! It'll all be worth it when your baby is here. :-) X

MrsMarsch Sat 04-Jun-16 21:30:49

Hi, I had spinal fusion surgery 3 years ago, I'm 12 weeks pregnant and not going to lie, lower back is already really sore at the end of the day. I also keep getting trapped nerves that make walking difficult, but it's all worth it and my consultant has been amazing X

TrixiePixie85 Sun 05-Jun-16 14:20:30

Thanks for telling me your experience so far! That does give me optimism that it can be done at least... Just need to prepare myself for the fact that it's going to be a very painful journey I think! And just have to hope I don't end up any worse than I am now afterwards. That's a big concern. But I suppose if you want a baby enough then you just do it anyway and let that override all your worries and fears?! I really hope you continue to get the great support you're getting now and that you don't suffer too much throughout the rest of your pregnancy! Best of luck to you and thanks again for your input! :-) X

cheapredwine Sun 05-Jun-16 14:28:51

I have two herniated discs at L4/5 and L5/S1 plus osteopenia and expected it to be a complete nightmare. 3 years ago I was in agony, sciatica and spasms which left me unable to move etc. But it's only now getting painful (35+3). I was very fit beforehand though (walking and ballet) and even having put on 17 kgs so far - I started out quite skinny - it's been ok. Not sure how much help this has been but good luck OP!

TrixiePixie85 Sun 05-Jun-16 15:04:25

Thank you! It's been really helpful!!! It's great to hear from ladies who are actually doing it with similar sorts of problems to me... Mine is also L4 and L5. I have the constant agony, some sciatica and spasms that stop me in my tracks too! So to know that you've managed to get to the point you're at now without too many problems is really reassuring. Thanks so much for your reply! X

Vap0 Sun 05-Jun-16 16:44:03

Hi Trixie

I had big problems with L5 a little few years ago, I think it was about 4 years when they removed the disk and put something in there to replace it along with 4 very large screws. It is now fused however doesn't impede any movement at all. The dr wanted to do the operation a long time before I took the plunge and agreed, firstly I was having steroid injections near my spine which were of little help and after changing jobs (on dr's orders) which didn't help I decided to go ahead as couldn't even sit in a chair for more than an hour without being in agony. I'm surprised they don't want to do the operation due to your age, my dr wanted to do it as soon as possible as the younger you are the quicker you recover. Having the operation is the best thing I have ever had done, I wish I had done it years before I did as the pain I was in was appalling. Anyway, rambling here...
So, I'm 26 weeks and have had my sciatica back and have had some on and off back pain but nothing like before. I'm expecting the pain to get worse the bigger I get, so far I've put on a stone and only just about the enter the realms of massive weight gain in the third trimester.
Not much help from me other than to say I'd go for the operation if they will do it for you. They said I'd need to be off work for 3 months but was back to my driving job working full time within 5 weeks and I put that down to my age (30 at time of operation) helping me heal quickly.
Best of luck.

TrixiePixie85 Sun 05-Jun-16 19:55:02

Wow, that's an impressive recovery!!! Must admit the thought of an operation is terrifying... My mum actually has has 2 spinal fusions already so I know a bit about it all - maybe too much! Ha. But I think I probably do need to go back to my back consultant and have a chat about things. I'm really pleased you're doing well now and found the operation to be so beneficial! I've had the steroid injections too which have done nothing for me either. I probably should have made the decision to just have the op a while ago really but have been putting it off... I hope you don't have too much trouble with your back in your third trimester! Sounds like you're doing pretty good so far. Fingers crossed for you! And thanks for telling me your experience of it all! X

LordVoldemortsMissingNose Mon 06-Jun-16 09:27:32

I have a history of hip dysplasia and sacroiliac joint dusfunction, I have frequent flares of disabling pain, muscle spasm etc requiring lots of drugs. My first pregnancy didn't impact me massively, but much worse in subsequent ones and my baseline level of pain has now increased. I used crutches from around 20 weeks pregnant and had a lumbar support belt and physio. Worth it but I won't lie - my back issues have definitely been made worse by pregnancies. Hope that helps?

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