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Mothercare summer sale

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sharon2016 Fri 03-Jun-16 16:04:50

I was just wondering if anyone knows when the Mothercare or Next Summer sales start? I am due in late October so trying to hold out until the sales before i start buying bits smile


Northernlight22 Fri 03-Jun-16 17:12:14

I'm wondering the same as I'm due in October too!

bumblebee86 Fri 03-Jun-16 17:35:30

Joining this thread as I'd also like to know smile

ShrimpNGrits Fri 03-Jun-16 17:42:26

According to a google search the Next summer sale starts on 23rd June, not sure how accurate it is but I'd imagine it'll be around this time

SleepymrsE Fri 03-Jun-16 17:42:49

I think it's in mid July. I remember when my DS was born a couple of years ago, we went to the next one when he was a few weeks old as we were up at the crack of dawn anyway. If I remember correctly the mothercare one was on at a similar time.

ShrimpNGrits Fri 03-Jun-16 17:47:20

Oh maybe the website meant 23rd July! That's a saturday so that would make sense. I'd like to go early but I've been early for adult stuff in the past and noticed (in my local Next anyway) that the baby/kids stuff gets wiped out very quickly!

Heirhelp Fri 03-Jun-16 19:01:13

If you sign up to mothercare, I think it is called my mothercare you get advanced access to their sale online. Next baby clothes tend to be smaller than others brands.

Heirhelp Fri 03-Jun-16 19:02:24

Keep an eye out for the aldi baby event too.

Dixiechick17 Fri 03-Jun-16 21:37:16

I always go online a week after the sale starts, around 3am during a feed. They always restock the sale and clearance section then, I kitted my DD out pretty well doing that.

Dixiechick17 Fri 03-Jun-16 21:37:49

The next sale that is

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