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5000 miles from home & lonely

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Dlah Fri 03-Jun-16 00:51:09

Sorry guys,

Guess it's just a bit of a rant

I'm currently on an amazing holiday with my partner in Las Vegas (booked before got pregnant, now 19 weeks) so we both wanted to come and experience it just the two of us. So far it's been great, aside from this morning he just seemed off, so I asked what was wrong and apparently that was the wrong thing to say!
Then it was my fault that i 'forgot' to remind him, I paid for dinner in a rush last night so he was getting breakfast as he wanted as much money as possible before we hit a mall nearby

Not sure if I'm just being over sensitive but after an uncomfortable bus ride down Las Vegas strip, me quietly crying behind my sunglasses, an awkward walk around inside, tried to confront and still got silent treatment, I went back to quiet crying on the way home and have been up in the room by myself the past 3 hours whilst he's stayed downstairs.

He came up about an hour ago (I was in bed trying to sleep) but he didn't attempt to speak to me etc

And now I'm just sat here (as its too hot outside right now anyway) by myself, feeling lonely as its 1am at home but only 5pm here and no one else is awake sad

Feeling sorry for myself

Moan over, thanks for listening

seven201 Fri 03-Jun-16 02:03:20

I'm a bit confused as to what you were meant to remind him of but never mind. He sounds like he's in a strop for no reason and you sound like you've taken it personally due to pregnancy hormones. You're on holiday! Try and forget it, kiss and make up and do some fun stuff!

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