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So confused....

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Harribo29 Thu 02-Jun-16 17:31:31

Hi everyone.

Thank you in advance for help on this one... my husband and I are ttc for almost a year now. Theres no pressure, we're just seeing how it goes. So I got my period on the 10th May 2016 and then bled again on the 23rd May 2016. The bleeding started dark and light then it got heavier. No clots or cramps. I've taken 7 pregnancy tests and all showing positive but I'm afraid to get excited as it could easily be an early pregnancy loss too. What do you all think and how long does hcg stay in your body to show a positive test??

elliej83 Thu 02-Jun-16 18:56:15

I replied to this but it seems to have gone smile
If you go to the doctors and explain they can do a bloody test to check your hcg levels and if the level is potentially of a pregnancy level they will repeat in a couple of days to see if it goes up or down.
I had this in Jan and it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. The urone test stayed positive for about 3 weeks though.
There is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel though if it's not positive news. The doctor said it was positive as it showed we could get pregnancy. You are also very fertile after a chemical pregnancy and we got pregnancy in the next cycle which is apparently not unusual. Thinking of you let us know how you get on xxx

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