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Should I just start taking iron or go and ask for a blood test?

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frobskottle Thu 02-Jun-16 10:48:46

I have had two previous pregnancies, sadly I had a miscarriage in Jan but am very luckily pregnant again! I am only 6 weeks along but so far feels much the same as the first (my second was a partial molar pregnancy and I felt v different)
I have been anaemic through both my previous pregnancies and this time around I feel the same, exhausted and breathless and my heart is pounding after one flight of stairs even though I'm fit and healthy. MY DH thinks I should just start taking iron tablets, I wonder if I should get a blood test first. I don't really want to waste the doctors time though. Do you think it's important they know I'm anaemic if I am or would you just self medicate?

I'm fed up with wanting to eat dark chocolate at breakfast!!

seven201 Thu 02-Jun-16 11:15:21

Ask for a blood test. I think it's good for the doctor/midwife to be able to track your 'true' iron levels. Also depending on how bad it is you will need a different amount of iron tabs.

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