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39 weeks with sickness bug

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JellyBaby26 Thu 02-Jun-16 01:57:45

Caught it off dh. Been up all night back and forth to the loo with d and v. D has gone clear and v is now green...😷
Does the green mean it's coming to an end?
I haven't drunk anything as I don't want to bring anything else up... bad idea?
Need this shifted as having elcs on Friday!

MintyBojingles Thu 02-Jun-16 07:44:08

Oh dear sad I had one at 6 weeks and it was rough, must be horrid with big belly!

You need to try and drink a little, even if you do bring it back up. Little sips of cold water, start really small and build it up. That's what o was advised. When you can, progress onto something with sugar in it like lemonade, dry biscuits, toast etc. Little by little build it back up, but try to get as much fluid as possible.

When you say ELCS on Friday, do you mean tomorrow or next week? If tomorrow I doubt you'll be ready for it - phone your hospital to check, but you'd still be in the contagious 48 phase and you can't be spreading that around a labour ward sad

JellyBaby26 Thu 02-Jun-16 14:17:39


I rang and they are going to isolate me so hopefully free private room! Every cloud....

MintyBojingles Thu 02-Jun-16 20:12:01

Ah well, that is an advantage at least!

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