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Sick of feeling sick!!!! That's all.

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broodymamma Wed 01-Jun-16 19:01:49

I wish someone would find a cure for morning sickness. It's so awful. I am not coping at all. Any bright ideas?

minime88 Wed 01-Jun-16 19:17:09

Hey broodymamma,

Have you been to the doctors to see if they can prescribe you something to take the edge off?

I used to just reassure myself whenever it was really bad that it would pass and tried to take it a day at a time! Before you know it you'll be feeling better!


bumbleclat Wed 01-Jun-16 19:50:04

Broodymamma , I feel your pain- it's so relentless isn't it?
I might go to docs tomorrow to see if they have anything for nausea.
Maybe you could too?

broodymamma Wed 01-Jun-16 22:02:16

Thanks for your responses. I have thought of going to the docs. I am scared to take any medication when the fetus is in this early stage of development. I have 5 kids and feeling really bad for them that their mom is such a reck at the moment. This is certainly the worst I have felt so far. Just counting down to 12 weeks but it seems to be taking forever.

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