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Negative Pregnancy Test but late?

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MommaCat22 Wed 01-Jun-16 17:27:49

I'm very new to this, my husband and I decided to start trying to start a family, and this will be our first.

We are actually on our honeymoon now, we waited a few weeks to go, and I want to enjoy myself but don't want to do anything that would hurt a baby. (I was in a hot tub for a few minutes but am worried about that too)

I am now 8 days late. I use to be slightly irregular a few years ago, but I was on the pill for over a year and have been regular since I've been off of it. My breasts are slightly tender, and my stomach slightly hurts every now and then, but nothing like throwing up. I've been very sleepy lately and I've been peeing like crazy. (I use to pee a lot anyways but it stopped when I stopped drinking orange juice lol) and I kind of feel like I'm pregnant. But for the past week I've taken 3 different tests (2 first response, 2 clear blue and another one I can't remember the name of, that was the day before yesterday) but I still have no period.

Should I just mind the hot tubs and wait until I'm back home to talk to my dr or if they are all saying negative, then I'm most likely not pregnant?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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