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Help me decide

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Baz13 Wed 01-Jun-16 11:43:33

We find out tomorrow if we are having a little girl or boy.
We have decided on a boys name and a back up name. We have also decided on the name Esme Louisa for a little girl - but I am a little unsure.

Other names on the girls shortlist:
Mabel (Still love this name)
Beatrice (dh favourite)
Beatrix (my favourite)

Which do you prefer?

Baz13 Wed 01-Jun-16 12:05:16

Just posted on the wrong thread!! oops

QforCucumber Wed 01-Jun-16 12:28:59

Personally wouldn't make a definitive choice yet, we changed our minds so many times then thought we had decided at 38 weeks. When he was born he was nameless for 2 days as our chosen name just didn't seem right in the end. (Also didn't find out the second so had 2 names chosen)

QforCucumber Wed 01-Jun-16 12:29:30

The sex not second haha

sizethree Wed 01-Jun-16 13:24:54

Until you meet your little one in person it's impossible to know. We had a short list and a definite front runner. But when we met her for the first time, that band just didn't suit. Enjoy a few more weeks of indecision!
Congratulations by the way wink

sizethree Wed 01-Jun-16 13:25:33

That name not band. Oh dear!

Sophia1984 Wed 01-Jun-16 15:48:31

I love Esme as a name :-) What about Esme Beatrice?

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