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Early pregnancy paranoia - symptoms or not!

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Jsh125 Tue 31-May-16 19:37:51

I'm just 6 weeks pregnant having has a very early miscarriage last month (we got pregnant again immediately after). Because of all this I'm paranoid things will go wrong again. I'm not sure whether I have symptoms or not (aside from a very strong positive test) & if I do then it feels like they come & go.

So far I've felt a bit nauseous but more like that sick feeling when you're hungry & it comes in very quick short waves from about 10.30 for a few hours, really nothing to get upset about! I also need to pee more frequently but I'm the type who only goes 2-3 times a day so not sure how often I'd expect too. Feeling like I've got less energy when I'm exercising etc.. But aside from that nothing. Not sure how I should be feeling at this stage or when things may kick in. I'm also paranoid as I had maybe one or 2 tiny spots of blood a couple of days ago but nothing at all since so starting to wonder if they were ever there. I've also noticed it's gone quite dry 'down there' but not sure if that's due to my obsessive wiping to see if there's blood the last couple of days.

I've possibly felt mor nauseous but needed to pee less frequently the past couple of days.

I've not been to the doctor yet as I know from last time they won't see you at the early pregnancy centre until 6 weeks so hadn't seemed any point as it's such early days.

Needless to say it's my first baby (or i'd probably be a lot more relaxed) & I know too many people who have had a mmc so worried that could happen too.

If anyone can share any of their experiences when pregnant or if you are currently at the same point as me I'd be really grateful to hear them!

broodykingy Tue 31-May-16 20:00:12

Hi Jsh125,

Sorry to hear about the mmc last month.

Congratulations though. In also 6 weeks (today actually) and other then sore breasts and slight period type pains, I went off my food for a few days but I've had no sickness. Part of me keeps wishing I was feeling sick as it would feel more real.

Unfortunately I can't say much about the spotting, although having read quite a few posts on here I know that it isn't always something to worry about.

Hope all goes ok X

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