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things that could have caused cramps and bleeding in early pregnancy?

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petitehele Tue 31-May-16 15:10:12

Hello all

I wonder if any of you can shed some light....

@31, This is my 2nd pregnancy, my 1st was without any complications and DD is now 13months. I have been having some light cramps (similar to period ones) and had some discharge last thur, i freaked out totally and left work early, was reassured by a locum GP that I have to monitor for a few days but when I spoke to midwife on Friday she suggested for me to contact GP again to request an early scan. Since that I had little spotting twice. Was referred and had my scan on Sunday, but realised I was really early- approx. 5weeks+2 so only the pregnancy sac was seen in the uterus, a heartbeat cannot be detected at this stage. Re-scan is scheduled in 2 weeks.

I had no bleeding on Sunday and feeling relieved from the scan we had sex (probably shouldn't!). Monday being bank hol we have been out the whole day on a mini road trip without thinking much of it, but in the evening I started bleeding again, this time it's fresh blood and i had to keep changing the liner every time i go to the loo, eventually i m now on a pad since this morning and but not had the need to change yet, as if it's a very light period day.

I know at this point I can't do much but wait for my 2nd scan, but does any of the following increase the likelihood of bleeding?

1. sex - but how much bleeding are we talking about?
2. been consuming mixed berry tea (i know red raspberry tea was known to relax cervix)
3. over exertion, stress or tiredness? im going through some tough times at work... dealing with a grievance and possible redundancy sad

I have stayed home instead of going to work being worried since this morning... could do with some encouragement and answers!

Thanks xxx

CatsCantFlyFast Tue 31-May-16 15:13:56

Sex - yes as it can irritate your cervix in pregnancy. How much - normally just spotting.

I wouldn't be looking for a cause as you will never know if it was any of the things you mentioned or something else entirely. I had a bigish bleed in the first tri in my first pregnancy that they could find no cause for and all was fine

Dollface136 Tue 31-May-16 17:53:11

Sex yes. And some people just get unexplained bleeding.
But no tea wont make you bleed, you would need to drink an absolute lorry load to get any real effect and they would sell it with a warning on the box if it had any proven effect.
Stress etc is, while not good for you, not going to make you bleed or worse. Think of all the women in war zones who have babies just fine.

Sometimes people just bleed around the time their period should have been due. Sometimes it can be due to fluctuating hormones. Sometimes no reason is ever found.

Please don't torture yourself that anything you have done is causing this. Have your scan, ask at the scan if they can detect any cervical irritation (which would cause bleeding after sex).

Wishing you all the luck in the world. xx

petitehele Thu 02-Jun-16 15:05:04

thank you all.. .I have since been back to GEU, and it seems to be getting worse. but im still trying to stay positive x

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