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To use sleep positioner or not?

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Jjtwhite26 Tue 31-May-16 12:15:44

So in thinking ahead to when baby comes along, I will be putting baby strait into cot this time as I don't want to do the hole Moses basket crib thing that my son just didn't settle with at all, looking into it I won't be using a cot bumper etc just thinking along the lines of baby to foot of cot so they can't wiggle down, but just came across the baby sleep postioner and like the idea of it but was wondering people's opinions before I decide what to do?

dementedpixie Tue 31-May-16 12:36:31

I don't think they are recommended after several baby deaths related to them

Liskee Wed 01-Jun-16 07:53:53

We used one but only when our LB was 10 weeks and had moved into his cot from a Moses basket. He had reflux and slept on a wedge. Because he kept slipping down and lying horizontally across the bottom of the cot I got scared and sourced a sleep positioner from a reflux website. It was a wrap that went around the mattress with an attachment that went round his middle. We used it for around 4/5 months with no issues and he stayed in the one place on his wedge and on his back. Once he was properly moving about and the reflux was well under control we stopped using it, went to a flat cot and now have an 18 month who travels the cot from top to bottom and back again at least 4 times a night!! Here's the link to the one we used but we made a decision for ourselves based on requirements due to reflux and obviously I'm not trying to influence or persuade you in any way!!

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