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Reassurance re: early bleeding

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PhoebeGeebee Tue 31-May-16 11:24:04


First baby, 36, 5+4 and having some bright red spotting. It started Sunday, then happened yesterday and today. It's only when I wipe, not enough to even get onto a pad, and only happened once on each day.

I've had no cramps, no pain, no clots and this is the first bleed I've had (nothing brown or pink before this)

Contacted OOH's when it happened on Sunday, they told me that because of the above, just to take it easy and see how it goes. Phoned EPU this morning and was told the same thing. Unless there is pain, or bleeding gets worse, just see how it goes.

I'm now at work completely unable to concentrate, mind going 100mph and realising that 'just wait and see' are the four most torturous words in the English language to a first time Mum in her first trimester.

Any words of reassurance would be leapt upon and greatly appreciated right now...

Showgirl109 Tue 31-May-16 11:32:34

I had pain and bleeding at 7 weeks, I was terrified and was asked to wait for 9 days for an early scan at the epu. We decided to go for a private scan where we saw a heartbeat. That £60 was the best I have ever spent so I would really recommend that if you can afford one. I am now 31 weeks! My dr said that he is often amazed about how much women can bleed and still have a healthy pregnancy. Don't panic too much. Stay as positive as you can.

Lules Tue 31-May-16 11:36:46

I had quite a lot of bleeding in the first few weeks. I now have a healthy baby.
It's horrible to have to wait. I was referred to the EPU and had scans but my sister (same symptoms, same time but different place) was just told to wait as well. If you could afford a private scan it might be worth it?

MrsTickleMonster Tue 31-May-16 11:43:23

I had my first bleed at about 9 weeks..... Then every 3-4 weeks since! I'm now 27 weeks and judging by the kicks and wriggles have a pretty healthy baby in there. ThT said , my EPU and community midwives have been amazing have have looked into every incident. I was even admitted for 48 hours at 19 weeks to be monitored.
I would say try not to worry too much (I know it's hard) but push for an early scan. I don't think they're that reliable before 6 weeks as a heartbeat can't always be detected that early but it might be reassuring to know you have one coming up. Failing that, I second Showgirl... If you can afford an early private one (where I am they're about £40) I'd do that.
FWIW at least half the women I know who have had kids bled at some point. My midwife said "it's never normal, but it's really common".
Hope that helps xx

PhoebeGeebee Tue 31-May-16 12:00:53

Thanks all

I have an early private scan booked for 8 weeks but now wondering whether to bring that forward. I've been told it's not always possible to see a hb at 6 weeks so don't want to stress myself out even more by moving it.

elliej83 Tue 31-May-16 13:15:47

I am currently 20 weeks but had early bleeding. The hospital said if it was just when I wiped not to be concerned but if it got heavier I needed to see someone. I was really scared as I'd had a micarriage the cycle before but everything seems to have progressed fine.
I booked a private scan for a couple of days after the bleeding started. I had to tell fibs as they aren't meant to see you if you've had bleeding. If you are really concerned if you go to A&E they will refer you for an NHS scan.

smellsofelderberries Tue 31-May-16 16:40:44

I've bled in both my pregnancies, the first one was a missed miscarriage, this pregnancy is fine. I am 16+3 now and haven't bleed since week 11. It's very stressful but sometimes it really can mean nothing!

I'm surprised you haven't been offered a scan. As soon as I've mentioned blood, both times my GP has referred me for a scan pronto to rule out ectopic. Are there any walk-in EPUs near you?

chelle792 Tue 31-May-16 16:52:38

Ah, this is awful. I've bled this pregnancy - I'm now 8 weeks and think it's going ok. Although who knows. They scanned me at six weeks and saw a heartbeat. I have some cramps but no more bleeding.

Last pregnancy it wasn't good when I bled. I lost the baby. It was a mmc so didn't bleed until 11.5 weeks even though baby stopped developing at 6 weeks

It's the most tortuous wait and although it'll either be good or bad you'll get through it. This has been the longest four weeks of my life and I'm so tempted to have an early scan but can't really justify the expense.

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