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8 months pregnant - dangerous stairscase?

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SuperBeak Mon 30-May-16 23:39:21

This is my first post so please be gentle smile
I'd like to see what people's thoughts are on this - I'm nearly 8 months pregnant and sometimes suffer with pelvic joint pain, back pain and few other aches and pains - nothing major - but when I go up the stairs in our house I do so fairly slowly, getting tougher as it gets to the top, using the bannister for support.
My other half has got his handyman friend coming around soon to remove the old staircase bannister, spindles etc (everything except the staircase you tread on) ready for when he replaces it. Only his friend has not said when he will be able to come back to fit the new one, and is very unreliable (to give you an idea - he left exposed electrical sockets hanging off our nursery walls for 2 months). I calmly raised concern to my partner about being left for days (or likely weeks) without a bannister for support/safety going up and down as I'm sometimes unsteady on my feet. He snapped and said I was just making things difficult. I said I don't mind him coming and removing staircase so long as we were only without for a few days and he'd promise to come back & fit the new one... I'm genuinely concerned - and now upset my other half seemed to show so little regard for my (and baby's) safety, when normally he does.
Am I being overly cautious?

Sophia1984 Mon 30-May-16 23:42:50

You are not being overly cautious. If you are only managing stairs now with the bannister, then you clearly need it there. Could it be that your partner thought he was doing what was needed for baby's safety - replacing the staircase - but hadn't thought about how this would impact you?

Xmasbaby11 Mon 30-May-16 23:42:55

I can see why you're worried. I think you feel vulnerable and worried about falling. Hopefully after the birth you will be mobile again. Newborn babies are very light so I wouldn't worry about that stage so much.

Is there an alternative?

seven201 Tue 31-May-16 04:51:24

I'd be worried too. I have a big fear of falling down our stairs as just as you come out of our bedroom there's a step down and if I tripped in a sleepy just up for a wee state then I'd fall sideways down the stairs. I wanted to put a stair gate in but my husband rightly said I was being ridiculous. For you though it really does sound dangerous. Could you go up and down them on your bum?

Ellarose85 Tue 31-May-16 12:20:14

I'm hearing you OP!

My DH has taken the stairs to bits (2 months ago now!) I have got used to them when it's just me walking up and down then but it freaks me out carrying DS on them

SuperBeak Tue 31-May-16 14:34:13

Thanks for the responses. Saw my midwife this morning and she shared my concerns. It only just occurred to me this morning that if he takes top of staircase railings on landing away (see pic) I stand to fall and break my neck when I stumble out bedroom half asleep for my 4x a night wees! Thankfully with midwife's words my other half has now agreed it will be dangerous and will need replacing within a few days... Staircase is bare and a bit splintered atm so may end going up sideways like a crab with back to wall and I'll stick our spare mattress at bottom of stairs to act as crashmat in the meantime! Haha.

whiteychappers Tue 31-May-16 22:41:28

I'm only 23 weeks and definitely need the banister for support so dread to think what I will be like later on x

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