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Pregnancy Announcement

(22 Posts)
Lisa0883 Mon 30-May-16 21:47:04

Hi. How did everyone chose to announce their pregnancy? My husband made this little video of my son letting everyone know he's going to be a big brother! He put it on Facebook to tell close friends and family but thought I'd share on here too for anyone that's interested in having a nosey.

cheekstime Tue 31-May-16 18:48:37

Congratulations! flowers

Ragwort Tue 31-May-16 18:58:19

I did it the old fashioned way - told people (that I wanted to know) either face to face or on the phone - after 12 weeks .......... well after actually as I didn't find out myself for 10 weeks.

Congratulations on your news.

SockQueen Tue 31-May-16 21:36:21

I just told people, some face to face, some by e-mail or phone.

I deliberately haven't announced on facebook because pregnancy announcements broke my heart when we were struggling with TTC and I have no idea which of my friends might be in that situation at the moment.

hellooo1 Wed 01-Jun-16 21:29:05

Lovely way to announcestar that video is so cute!!grin a huge congratulationsflowers your little boy is gorgeous.

I phoned most people, wasn't patient enough to make a videogrin

SmallBee Thu 02-Jun-16 08:39:37

We told our family and close friends face to face. I don't really care about anyone else but DH has a lot of family overseas so we did the 'post a picture of the scan photo ' on Facebook because it is a lot of hassle to contact everyone individually.

positivity123 Thu 02-Jun-16 09:57:49

We phoned people up. I found big pregnancy announcements of Facebook pretty hard to stomach when we had a miscarriage then struggled to conceive.

PotteringAlong Thu 02-Jun-16 09:59:51

I spoke to them face to face. Why does there need to be an announcement?

RaeSkywalker Thu 02-Jun-16 10:05:26

Didn't announce on Facebook because several of my friends are having fertility issues and I didn't want them to have no choice about whether they saw the scan photo. It would be very painful if it caught them off guard. I'm also terrified of something going wrong and don't want all and sundry to know about the pregnancy until the baby is safely here.

It's a personal thing though, I think that announcements on Facebook can be lovely and it's 100% up to the parents to decide.

Jem01 Thu 02-Jun-16 10:36:43

What a sweet announcement! I told family face to face and then friends via whatsapp sending them a scan pic smile

seven201 Thu 02-Jun-16 10:46:04

I told my family over the phone (we don't live close) and other people when I next was them. I personally don't like Facebook announcements and found them hard to see when I wasn't pregnant myself and wanted to be so desperately.

I have two sisters. One had been trying for a baby for about 2 years and the other (older) one told us that she and her husband were going to try for a baby. The sister who had been trying for 2 years burst into tears (she's not usually an emotional wreck) and was upset for the rest of the weekend. That want even a pregnancy announcement! That's part of my reason for being against big pregnancy announcements as you never truly know how other people will take the news as everyone has their own shit going on.

Fuzzywuzzywasabear Thu 02-Jun-16 10:47:11

We had ivf and put a video up explaining our journey as only a very few close friends knew what we were going through.

I didn't want to post a scan picture because they are heartbreaking when your struggling TTC but I did want any friends struggling to know they weren't alone and there is hope iyswim.

I've kept all the scans to private group messages.

Marshpillow Thu 02-Jun-16 11:46:21

Another one here who didn't do a Facebook announcement as I have several friends struggling to conceive. We've only told a handful of people, in person.
However, we're going on holiday soon, and we'll probably upload a few photos of our holiday to Facebook, so I guess some photos of me with a bump will be a giveaway.

Kellz92 Thu 02-Jun-16 11:54:38

I did a facebook announcement with DD, probably will again when i finally get my scan.

This is lovely!!


LittleLionMansMummy Thu 02-Jun-16 12:10:18

We initially told dsd and ds and let ds tell close family, which he did by saying: "Mummy's growing a new baby!" So cute. Close friends I told face to face. And for acquaintances/ distant family I did it on Facebook.

Mslg Thu 02-Jun-16 18:00:27

Very cute video!

I'm not into the over sharing culture/nature of Facebook and I don't have an account. Agree with previous posters that it's quite insensitive to people who are struggling with fertility issues. We shared the scan pic via whatsapp/email on a one to one basis with friends. Told my close family face to face who then spread the news on the grapevine to all the other relatives. For my friends that I know are having problems conceiving I sent a message (without scan pic) to let them know and give them time to process without seeing me face to face. Pregnancy announcements are so bittersweet for those struggling to have a baby of their own.

MrsMushrooms Thu 02-Jun-16 18:21:57

I love to see my friends' FB announcements and can't wait to make my own. I never thought about it upsetting people - I guess everyone's different.

We've been TTC for nearly 4 years and have had 2 miscarriages in that time (and 1 before). We're both desperate to be parents and heartbroken every month when we aren't, so it's not that we don't want it, but when I see my friends and family posting announcements I am pleased for them because I can only imagine how happy they are and I want that for them. Of course there's a twinge of jealousy but their pregnancy doesn't affect my fertility.

I can understand why it could be difficult though, now that it's been pointed out. I'll still do a FB announcement when we're finally able to though, as I'll want all my friends and family to celebrate with us and FB is the best way to reach everyone.

Uiscebeatha85 Thu 02-Jun-16 18:42:49

Yes Facebook is the best way to 'reach everyone'. I mean, how else would that person you met on holiday once five years ago find out about your pregnancy without good old lookhowgreatmylifeis,Imnotinsecureatallbook Facebook?

BusyNothings Thu 02-Jun-16 18:46:36

That video has put such a big smile on my face! He is so cute! And congrats =D

(I doubt it would be as impressive with beagles instead of a cutie...)

MrsMushrooms Thu 02-Jun-16 18:47:41

I guess it depends how you use it - I only have friends and family on FB, not people I met once or don't talk to anymore.

It's just a tool, so it's up to you who you connect with.

BorisIsBack Thu 02-Jun-16 19:52:58

We are not doing a facebook announcement. We are slowly telling people in person / over the phone / email as needed. Some big facebook announcements are fine but I personally think baby announcements are generally wierd and sometimes insensative.

FlatWhiteToGo Thu 02-Jun-16 22:24:14

Another one who isn't doing a Facebook announcement. Before we started TTC I assumed we would, but having struggled with fertility issues I know just how painful they are and how desperate they make you feel when you're already at your lowest. When I finally got pregnant it would have been lovely to do the big announcement and have everyone make a fuss and get excited (especially as we had waited so long), but the thought of all the people who would really be upset by it (the 1 in 6 couples who struggle to conceive; the 1 in 4 pregnancies that end in miscarriage; the friends who are going through divorces and are worried about having "missed the boat" etc) I just feel that (for me) the temporary excitement of "the big announcement" wouldn't be worth all that. I think it's probably a viewpoint you can only really understand if you've been there!

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