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all abit new to this

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user1464517868 Sun 29-May-16 21:22:43

So I am only 6 weeks pregnant and very new to this as this was an unplanned pregnancy, although me and my partner are so happy to the changes that are about to happen in our life, I feel like I am struggling. I went to work on Saturday where I am on my feet for 9 hours a day and I came home with the worst headache, I slept from 7pm till 9am the next day, I feel like I'm so tired all the time is this normal? Could this be a sign of multiples?

I am also really struggling with the sickness and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice? Thank you xxx

CaramelPrincess Sun 29-May-16 21:28:59

It is completely normal to be exhausted all the time! I spent a good few first weeks of pregnancy constantly napping on the sofa!
Towards the middle it got better & I felt healthy and full of life, but then towards the end of my pregnancy I was back to napping all day long.
As for the sickness they say ginger biscuits help, although I found porridge seemed to help me. It will hopefully soon pass and you can start enjoying being pregnant.
Congrats by the way!

RaeSkywalker Sun 29-May-16 21:31:55

Hi user, congratulations!

Tiredness is really common in the first trimester, I'm in an office job so not on my feet and was in bed by 8 when I was working. Are you able to confide in your manager to see if your duties can be adjusted to help?

Are you being sick, or struggling with nausea? Both are flipping awful. I've got HG so am pretty extreme- if you think you are heading down this road then please seek help early. There are medications for sickness that are safe for use in pregnancy.

Keep an eye on your hydration levels- dehydration is so dangerous. Sip water throughout the day- don't gulp loads at once. I find that nibbling something bland throughout the day helps- if I let my blood sugar levels dip, I am very unwell. I've found eating dry cereal helpful, or biscuits/ rice cakes. You could also try ginger (I didn't help me but it's worth a go).

RaeSkywalker Sun 29-May-16 21:33:02

Forgot to say- I hope you feel better soon! flowers

DrRanjsRightEyebrow Sun 29-May-16 21:35:27

Congratulations! Have a look on the pregnancy boards for the antenatal group for the month you are due. I found it immensely helpful to swap symptoms and ask questions to those at the same stage as me. (Plus i made awesome friends and a good number of us are still in daily communication and meet up! Was so much better than NCT, they've been and continue to be my lifeline!)

pandora0 Mon 30-May-16 01:17:51

I have a 4 month old dd and remember your symptoms at the beginning of pregnancy all too well. Yes it's very normal to be that tired especially after the amount you're working! I remember I just wanted to sleep all the timegrin not sure if it's generally a sign of multiples or not, it certainly wasn't for me so I'd say no this is normal in any pregnancy but of coarse you may be carrying more than 1halo just remember to put your feet up when you can, and listen to what your body is telling youbrew wishing you the best of luck and good health with the next 9 months and a lifetime of happiness with your bubbasmile

CharminglyGawky Mon 30-May-16 01:39:10

I'm a week ahead of you and can't imagine doing a 9 hour active shift right now!

I have been struggling this week with morning sickness which really doesn't help. Being tired is normal though and I wouldn't say it is a sign that you could have a multiple pregnancy, I don't think there really are any signs for that!

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