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Single and going it alone

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SleepyKiwiGirl Sun 29-May-16 19:30:51

Hi all, I'm 15 weeks pregnant, 32, single and doing it by myself. I'm excited but sometimes I feel lonely, none of my friends are pregnant right now so it would be nice to know if there is anyone else around in the same situation xx

amarmai Sun 29-May-16 19:49:15

Hugs,op! I used to be you! Pros. And. Cons. In everything . Once the baby arrives you will never be alone again. Enjoy this time of preparation and check out the mummy and baby places where you will make friends.

Girliefriendlikesflowers Sun 29-May-16 19:59:48

Hi I was you 10 years ago grin

Not sure of your circumstances but if you think you might need them its a good idea to find out about things like tax credits now, I applied before dd was born even though at that point I wasn't entitled. So that when she was born I just had to ring them up to change the details.

Yy to finding out where the local mums and baby type groups are.

Have you got some rl support? Some family near by? It is hard work esp in the early days, I was lucky in that my mum was brilliant and helped out loads. I would have seriously struggled without her as it was a difficult birth and dd was poorly in hospital for a week.

10yrs down the line I can say its the hardest but best thing I have ever done, my dd is amazing and I can't imagine my life without her in it.

SleepyKiwiGirl Sun 29-May-16 20:06:52

My family is all back home in NZ and Australia, so while they are a brilliant support, it's not the same as having them nearby. They text and call me every day though. I'm going to move back to live with my mum (she's in Australia) around week 25/26 because I think the support will be great for me and plus she's desperate to help smile but it is confusing knowing what's normal and what's not during the pregnancy, having to make decisions by yourself etc. I am so looking forward to having a mini me in future though, I've wanted to be a mum for so long! x

Girliefriendlikesflowers Mon 30-May-16 11:19:29

That sounds sensible, I told my mum I would move back for 6 months and ended up staying 3 yrs blush

Don't count on the baby being a mini you though, I thought my dd would be just like me and we are complete opposites shock grin

Although not something for you to worry about too much now be warned your dc will want to know why they haven't got a daddy, my dd started asking from about 3yo and periodically still gets very upset about not having a dad sad Its tough but I always acknowledge that it is hard for her to understand but that she has got lots of people in her life that love and want her very much. She also has a great relationship with her Grandad which fills the gap a bit.

Good luck with it all smile

SleepyKiwiGirl Mon 30-May-16 14:13:49

Yeah I am expecting to get the questions at a young age, my family is huge and I'm sure the little one won't feel a lack of love, but I know it's different. My mum was a single mum with me until she met my stepdad so I know how confusing it will be. I hope I can do my best to fill as many gaps as I can! smile

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