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lots of small injuries 27 weeks

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kiki22 Sun 29-May-16 18:04:01

I'm not even really sure what to ask or if anyone will know anything but here goes.

The last 3 weeks I seem to be injuring myself doing simple things I sprained my ribs stretching to get something less than 2ft away, ive (I think) staved my thumb doing god knows what its come up with a hard lump a few days ago now I was standing up from sitting on the floor with ds using the tv to help and the back on my knee sort of twanged its really sore now sad

Wtf is happening to me I so have a few mobility issues to do with my hip/pelvis however I never suffered with all these silly injuries during my first pregnancy ir any other time. Its starting to worry me I keep hurting myself doing totally normal things.

socktastic Sun 29-May-16 18:11:20

As you get bigger, your centre of gravity changes so you'll find balancing more difficult. This could explain some of your injuries. Also, as you get heavier, your muscles have naturally more work to do to keep you supported.
Take it easy, put your feet up and don't push yourself cakebrewflowers

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