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bleeding but still positive

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eillenram Sun 29-May-16 14:50:17


i had a miscarriage 2 years ago, and only now i get a chance to become pregnant again but i think im having again a mc. my last day of period was april 19 and on may 22 i had a pregnancy test and its positive, i make 2 test though the line is faint but still visible. i made a test again 23 and same faint those days i feel cramping and lower abdominal pain. on 28 in the morning i feel dizzy and got spotting. light brown. and in evening it became red. this morning its not a spotting anymore. its bleeding already. just like light period. and having serious cramps and lower abdominal pain. i went to doctor and go for ultrasound. she found a sack round forming but cannot determine if there is baby. because its still early to see. they make blood test and my hcg level is 24.something. and bleeding still continues and become more heavy. after 2 days i need to to blood test again and if hcg level becomes low then it is miscarriage. but if its become high maybe its ectopic.
but im still hoping as there are forums here i read which they also got heavy bleeding but still delivered normal..

may God help me coz i have been waiting for so long for a baby to come.

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