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I'm so confused can anybody help with this

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emmalou26 Sun 29-May-16 10:48:33

I'm 3 weeks late today!!! Iv taken 6 test since last Friday all negative but the first response early response came up with 2 lines with in no more than 5 minutes I literally left the toilet sat down for a few minutes then my boyfriend got the test n there was 2 lines!! Since then all other test have shown negative clear blue first response (but not early testing) and cheap £1 ones I did 2 days ago I am so confused has anybody else had this ?? I do have a picture of the positive if needs to be seen

skankingpiglet Sun 29-May-16 10:55:15

My first tests didn't read positive within the time frame they were supposed to, but had a faint line 5mins or so later. I was testing very early however, several days before my period was due. I did a bit of research online and although manufacturers say to disregard results outside of the timeframe, it seems if you get a line at all then it's a positive as the chemicals in the test will only ever form a line with the presence of pregnancy hormones. You may ovulate late hence the faint line, I'd retest in a few days with fr or superdrug ob test.

My delayed faint positive is due in a month smile

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