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3/4D scan

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Liss85 Sat 28-May-16 17:51:45


Can't decide whether to go for a 3/4D scan, what are your opinions? Thanks.

SeashellHoarder Sat 28-May-16 19:23:34

Hi Liss. I had a 3 d with both my previous pregnancies, the pictures are lovely and very like my dds when they were born!

However I would book a well-being scan at 32 weeks at a clinic that does 3d as an extra, rather than booking an entertainment 3d scan. That way you know it's primarily a check that all's well with baby and placenta and gives peace of mind as well as nice photos.

BeardMinge Sat 28-May-16 20:20:33

They look like creepy half melted wax effigies. Part of the excitement of meeting my baby for the first time was having absolutely no idea what he/she would look like.

ccsays Sat 28-May-16 22:47:14

"Creepy half melted wax effigies" 😂

They do look a bit lava lamp-y to be fair but I still enjoyed mine and will be getting one again this time 😊

Liss85 Sat 28-May-16 23:44:48

The thing that excites me about them is getting to see them moving about. There are ones where you get a proper check but I don't need it too much as I'm getting scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks due to being high risk anyway. My husband thinks they're creepy but is willing to go along with what I want. I feel like they're very expensive but then it's not like I'll get any/many opportunities to do this again.

ReginaTheVelociraptor Sat 28-May-16 23:51:55

I've never had one as they creeped me out a little bit. Something about the yellow tone and the creepy melting doll look gives me the willies. Saying that, my next baby will be my last and I can see me doing it just to feel a little closer to my unborn baby when the weeks are dragging and I'm far too excited to meet my little one.

If you can afford it, do it. No harm!

Willberry Sun 29-May-16 09:06:50

I'm always getting sent offers forvthem through wowcher, so might be worth checking that out!

pandora0 Mon 30-May-16 01:53:13

I had a 4d scan when I was 28 weeks (I think) it was a truly amazing experience! My heart just melted the moment I saw her little face and made me so much more exited for her arrival, I'd always recommend them to anyone. I was under the impression she would look a little alien like too but she was already a little chunk with big chubby cheeksgrin looked so perfect! She'll be turning 4 months this Saturday and still just as perfect now. I cannot wait to show her the 4d photos when she's older, we ever saw her sucking her thumb in the scanhalo

pandora0 Mon 30-May-16 01:53:47


Liss85 Mon 30-May-16 05:13:32

Thanks Pandora - that sounds amazing smile I never thought about being able to show her them in the future.
Thanks Willberry - I've signed up to wowcher. Nothing in my area at the moment though smile

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