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Bleeding and low fetal heartrate

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27penny Sat 28-May-16 13:28:31

Hi all. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and began bleeding 4 days ago. It has gone from light to heavy to light again and colour has changed too. Had a US Tuesday which confirmed all in correct place and heartbeat present sono suggested implantation bleed. It continued so returned yest and had another US still a heartbeat but sono said she would have preferred to see it faster and that the embryo was low down. Herself and nurse bailly sympathised with me and hubby and we are devastated. Hoping we still have a chance of a healthy pregnancy. Day 5 of bleeding but it still not as heavy as a period. Stressful time! Never had any issues with my first pregnancy! Anyone experienced similar?

purplemeggie Fri 03-Jun-16 22:38:38

You okay? Just noticed that nobody answered you and thought that must have been quite a lonely feeling.

I did have something similar happen and it didn't end well....I won't go into it unless you want me to. Hope you've had a happier outcome x

27penny Fri 03-Jun-16 23:33:35

Hi purplemeggie, thank u for the reply. Unfortunately since I posted I did go on to miscarry. A difficult time but it is a relief to know for sure what is happening. I think I frantically searched for positive outcomes as everyone must do but it wasn't to be sadly. I appreciate your reply it's a lonesome worrying time as all women who've experienced miscarriage know. Please God next time we will have a healthy pregnancy. Good wishes to u for reaching out! X

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