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Is it worth getting a pregnancy ball?

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pinkladyapple Sat 28-May-16 12:41:16

Hello, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and thinking about buying a ball to bounce on as I've heard it eases back and hip pain? Wondering if it's worth it? Midwife says they supply them at the hospital for labour so don't need to try and bring it with me so would just be for home.

bessie84 Sat 28-May-16 14:58:10

theyre only a few quid, so it wouldnt be a total waste of money, however, i havent found my ball as helpful as id read about, despite having spd, pgp ect ect.

Junosmum Sat 28-May-16 15:43:13

I didn't find mine useful, maybe labour would have been easier if I'd used it. Who knows?

maskapony Sat 28-May-16 15:48:39

I loved mine, it really helped my bad back. It was also great when baby was tiny for rocking her to sleep without me actually having to move. Well worth the tenner I spent on it.

LaurieLemons Sat 28-May-16 15:51:01

I still use mine for exercise and was also very handy for bouncing up and down with the baby in front of the telly

Roobix04 Sat 28-May-16 15:55:44

I liked mine. Sitting on it was the only time I felt I could take a deep breath. I borrowed mine from a friend.

pinkladyapple Sat 28-May-16 16:05:27

Hey thanks ladies, I've ordered one online. I have spd and can't always get comfy on the sofa so decided it probably is worth a go.

northdownmummy Sat 28-May-16 16:06:26

I couldn't have survived without mine. Lying over it kneeling was the only position I was comfy in.

cindyrella Sat 28-May-16 18:15:56

Team Ball here too. Loved mine.

ScarlettOverkill Sat 28-May-16 20:33:33

I spent a few hours on it here and there in late pregnancy and then ALL DAY on it in labour!! Bloody life saver...until midwife told me to get off as she needed to monitor baby more carefully.

I'm currently pregnant with number 2 and it's ready, but I've barely used it so far. However I know I will!!

LolaStarr Sat 28-May-16 22:06:54

I loved mine, especially when I was in early labour. Definitely worth buying one and giving it a go!

Gardenbirdy Sat 28-May-16 22:17:24

Loved mine, really helped with back pain and it only cost a few quid from Argos. I used it as a desk 'chair' for months afterwards.

PickledLilly Sat 28-May-16 22:18:59

I had one in my last pregnancy. It lasted two days before the bloody cat popped it!

suspiciousofgoldfish Sun 29-May-16 01:02:56

Never used mine, but DS (2) loves playing with it in the garden! So money well spent I would say grin

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