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Confused if pregnant

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Soph1photographer Sat 28-May-16 12:13:55

Hi everyone,

I'm new on here. Wanted some help. Myself and my ex had unprotected sex on 14th may. My cycles range to 31 days depending on each month. We were on holiday at the time and ever since then I have felt odd. No sure if it's the idea of perhaps being pregnant spuring me on?
My period was due this week hard to pin point what exact day as my periods usually are 29-30 days. Last week I had really had bloating and felt like I had a stitch. Never had this as pms before. And needing to wee alot.
I went of my food and wanted healthy stuff. Have felt quite sick on and off. My boobs reqlly felt massive and hurt like hell never had that as a pms symptom before...this week my period is due I had some dark red discharge sorry thought AF was coming and tested and had bfn so just assumed was normal period. I've had one heavy day and that wasn't that heavy only when I wiped and barley filled a pad....the next day I didn't even need a pad just when wiped had some clots on the "heavy" day. My usual periods last at least 3 days of heavy ish and rhen a day of spotting. I looked up implantation and says 10-14 days after conception which is about this week. I don't want to get my hopes up...but even now I've had mild stomache ache and felt sick...which just isn't normal for me! Has anyone else had this and been pregant? And when did you test? I've tested through out as had a weird idea I might be but all negative but then if it is impantation bleed it would have been this not sure when to re test?

I've had problems with ovarian cysts in past so going to talk to my doc about a scan so I guess if I was pregant it would show on there?

Sorry for my rant


ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Sat 28-May-16 12:29:43

If you have had negatives you are likely not pregnant.

Wait a week and test again.

I honk feeling sick and all the other symptoms will be in your head as you would expected of you are pregnant if you know what I mean. Also having had unprotected sexual on the 14 th means it would be far far to early for any symptoms anyway.

Are you trying to conceive, it doesn't sound like you are so take this as a good warning as to how having unprotected sex can mess with your mind!

Soph1photographer Sat 28-May-16 12:50:02

But when i have teated wirkinf ir iut it would be before 'implantation' so it wouldbt show would it? Not actively trying to concieve. But problems with my medical history. I would like to have a baby. I've just never had weird feelings I've looked up online and although very rare some people have reported feeling weird 4 or 5 days after conception. I'd mainly be like God I feel reqlly sick and tired and then Google drive it when home. My temperature has been bit all over place I'm quite a cold person but atm I keep getting like really hot moments and I'll have my windows down. Just lots weird things that happen so I'll Google them and it comes up as a pregnant symptom. I don't think I am..don't want to keep thinking I am. But I've never felt so drained in my life I have a vitamin d defienacy and even when that's like really low I never feel this tired. It's the tiredness sickness that comes in waves and cramps that come and go I can deal with. If I still have it next week I'm going to talk to my gp.

Just going to try make myself feel better and test in a week I work in a gp surgery so I'll talk to them in Wednesday as I really don't feel myself xx

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