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Very confused faint hpt and bleeding!!!

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RoxyDOG87 Fri 27-May-16 17:49:36

Hi guys
I ovulated at day 14 of my cycle using opk's and had sex. 7dpo felt strong cramps and shooting pains in right ovary and have had mild cramping pains ever since. Bfn 7&8dpo then didn't test for 2 days. On 9dpo got flu like symptoms head ache really sore throat shivers. 10dpo woke up did a test with fmu and got a faint pos with first response, did a Amazon cheap test and got the same started to get excited then had some mild cramping with lots of cm mixed with a lot of brown/pink blood then started to cry as surely if I've got a bfp implantation has already happened and this bleeding must b a bad sign? Did a tesco test at 2pm vv faint pos again and the bleeding has lasted all day and evening but only wen I wipe. I'm going to test tomo and hopefully it will show stronger and if it's negative it must be a chemical pregnancy??? I'm currently 10dpo and period is due in 2 days , very confused and scared. Still having mild cramps plus sore boobs and feel sick with no appetite. Would really appreciate some advice xx

Whatsername17 Fri 27-May-16 18:59:39

It could be implantation bleeding. Wait until your period is a day late and test again. Good luck.

Ellie06 Fri 27-May-16 21:19:04

I am very new to this pregnancy business but have had pretty much the same symptoms as you. I tested 9dpo as was having horrendous lower back ache and just didn't feel right (had also had a bit of spotting two days before so had suspected implantation), got a faint positive on first response and 1-2 weeks on clear blue digital. Everything settled down then two days later I started bleeding, assumed the worst and period had arrived but it got less and less over the next 24 hours, only visible when I wiped. I am now over 5 weeks. I couldn't understand the bleeding as like you, I assumed you wouldn't get implantation bleeding after BFP, but then I googled and apparently bleeding early on can have loads of reasons and is fairly common. Good luck :-)

RoxyDOG87 Sat 28-May-16 09:42:51

Mine seems to have stopped for now but I did have a lot of uncomfortable aching last night but woke up to no blood. Took another first response and a tesco test with fmu and it looks stronger than yesterday! So I'm too scared to tel my husband as what if this was a bad sign and still going to have a chemical pregnancy. I think il give it a few more days to see what happens with pregnancy tests and bleeding then make a decision. I really want to be happy but I have a bad feeling inside

Danswife15 Sat 28-May-16 10:21:34

Hi I'm new on here. So my period is usually around 41 days. I'm due on my next period on 6th June. I had an overwhelming feeling to do a pregnancy test on Tuesday which showed negative. I left it in the cabinet till the next morning when I cleaned up it had a very faint pink positive strip. Sent my husband up the shop and done a clear blue test in the afternoon and it said negative. That evening I have had some dark brown discharge like string body tissue ( sorry bit gross) anyway been feeling a bit sick Ann I'm wondering was it positive? Am I pregnant? ? Why do I have this horrible discharge?? Why do I feel sick ?? Help very confused

RoxyDOG87 Sat 28-May-16 17:50:14

It could be your testing to early which is what I did. The best pregnancy test I used was first response which i did this morning again and got a stronger positive then I did a clear blue digital and got 1-2 weeks!!!! I'm too scared to be happy thou as with all this horrible brown/pink discharge which has seemed to stop now I'm just worried sick that this tiny bubba isn't going to stick. I'm Guna do another clear blue in a weeks time and it should then say 2-3 or 3-4 weeks by then and if it doesn't I no that thinks haven't worked out. How's everyone else any more positives? smile

Ginger06 Sat 28-May-16 17:57:50

RoxyDOG87 my prayers are with you. To be honest we all have this mc worries although it is my first pregnancy I am sick worried what if it doesn't work dh and me have been trying for 6 months I know it's not too long but to us it seems an eternity we finally got a positive husband is thrilled I am too but deep inside I am worried. Finger cross for all of us

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