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leaking water???

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littlelen16 Wed 25-May-16 21:15:45

Hi, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and 5 weeks ago I started getting a small pool of water in my underwear. It is not urine or discharge-just water that dries up. It's been happening everyday now for 5 consecutive weeks and I went to the hospital yesterday to get checked out. The doctor said that my waters have not gone as they would have been able to see it when they did the examination. They cannot explain what it is and I have been sent home with no answer of why it's happening which is frustrating. The water only comes once a day all at once (around lunchtime usually) and I've read stories of other mums experiencing the fluid around baby leaking. Has anyone else experienced this? I am feeling really uneasy about it all...thanks smile

janenoble Thu 26-May-16 00:24:02

Hi littlelen, Is it possible that the water is coming when you're over exerting yourself? Maybe you need to start slowing down a little. Listen to your body more. Take regular naps, and breaks during whatever it is that you do on a day to day basis.

Dixiechick17 Thu 26-May-16 06:35:28

I had this from 21 weeks and it turned out to be a clear watery discharge, at one point my consultant could see pockets of water on my internal scan and I had a small gush a few days later that soaked through to my jeana and he thought possibly a slow leak from hind waters, but levels around the baby were fine. If you are still worried speak to your midwife and ask if it's possible to be referred for a scan.

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