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anomaly blood screening question

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whatsnewsmellycat Wed 25-May-16 17:27:16

Yesterday I had a bit of a shock when being examined by the midwife. She thinks I'm a fair bit further along than my GP originally thought, around 16-17 weeks, we found a heartbeat very quickly, where as we thought between 11-12 weeks.I have a dating scan tomorrow. I'm incredibly nervous about it now.
I'm worried as she mentioned I may not be able to get the Downs, Edwards and Patau screening because of how far along I am. I've had a look on the NHS website and I've read that this can be done between 14-20 weeks. Can anyone clear this up a bit?

miniswin Wed 25-May-16 17:42:55

If you're that far along you can have second trimester screening which involves blood tests. They look for slightly different things to the first trimester test, and while there is a slight difference in accuracy, in combination with your anomaly screen, you will have the same things looked for as anyone else, so you don't miss out. If it's any consolation not every woman who has first trimester screening manages to have it 'completed' so to speak - for example if they can't get the correct measurement of the neck at the 12 week scan, and have to go ahead with 2nd trimester screening anyway. I'm one of them!! It also picked up a slight abnormality in my bloods and I'm now being closely monitored, but with a so far very healthy baby! Try not to worry too much.

whatsnewsmellycat Wed 25-May-16 18:31:13

Thank you! I'll try not to worry and hopefully I'll get some answers tomorrow

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