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1:120 chance of down sydrome worried sick

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Wrighty1231 Wed 25-May-16 10:31:24

Hey everyone I'm 25 and my midwife came to my house after my 12 week scan to tell me there's a 1:20 chance of baby having down sydrome... She said that means there's a 0.8% chance that it has. I was devastated didn't go through with the amnio because I didn't want to risk miscarrying. I've managed to get the money together for a private blood test. I'm having to wait now until next week to get results back I feel like I'm waiting a life time.
I just wondered has anyone been through the same thing who could give me some reassurance. I'm a single mum and I just want everything to be okay sad

Wrighty1231 Wed 25-May-16 10:32:29

1:120 chance

whiteychappers Wed 25-May-16 12:17:11

Putting the statistics into perspective that's a 99% chance that the baby won't have it. Downs syndrome isn't the end of the world anymore as children can live fantastic lives. Google Ollie & Cameron down syndrome twins, they are the cutest happiest little boys and nothing stops them, they completely changed my mindset of downs.

cheekstime Wed 25-May-16 15:32:06

Hi - I had a private DNA genetic test; Harmony and it came back with a low risk, also had to wait a week. Very reassuring and well worth it. Good Luck with your result flowers and congratulations x

hopeful31yrs Wed 25-May-16 21:32:24

Have just been through this with a risk of 1:5 of downs. NT was 4.2mm and that and bloods gave us the above risk. It's such a lonely time and there is little support except for these groups. Ironically people tell you not to google but I found it reassuring - many many people go through this and come out the other side absolutely fine.

Your risk is still relatively low - seriously. Even a 1:5 risk is Ok (believe me last week I wasn't this confident).

Here to hand hold. I got the NIFTY test which took 9 days to come back but gave the me the reassurance I needed. I had a scan today at 14+4 and all is grossly normal from a heart/skeletal point of view but a close eye is going to be kept on us. Most importantly NT is now 1.2mm so risk is much less than the 1:5 originally quoted.

Please keep your chin up xxxx

Wrighty1231 Thu 26-May-16 10:51:52

Thank you all for your replies it's a very lonely and worrying time for me. I've just got to keep thinking positive I guess xxx

NK7995a1caX11eb0ed0bae Thu 26-May-16 12:20:28

I feel for you, the worry and the waiting is awful. I got a 1/45 risk for Down Syndrome and the shock alone of the news knocked me for six, never mind waiting for the results. It was awful. My emotions were all over the place, have a cry if you need to.

As others have said, remember that the odds are very much in your favour. I know that doesn't help much but it just might keep you going through your darker moments.

I did have the amniocentesis and got my rapid results back a couple of days ago, all clear. My risk was more than twice as high as yours!

Keep talking to people about how you're feeling, it definitely helps. Thinking of you

Wrighty1231 Sat 28-May-16 23:16:47

Hey everyone thank you so much for your comments just thought I'd let you know I had the results come back today everything is fine and I'm having a little girl I couldn't be happier xxxxx

user1463864877 Sat 28-May-16 23:57:45

Great news Wrighty - didn't want to read and run in spite of my stoopid username. And a girl too cake - congratulations! X

Rachwyso Sun 29-May-16 19:34:45

My risk was 1:205 i was 23 yrs old and refused amnio. On my 20wk scan no markers showed up. My DS was born with Down's syndrome. Im not a sit an cry kinda girl so as a single parent of a 5yr old DD and now a DS with Ds i had to be strong and not fall apart, that doesnt help anyone. Now 7 yrs on im not saying its easy but ITS SO COMPLETELY WORTH IT. My son amazes (and infuriates me) on a daily basis, he attends mainstream school can run and play and talk and write his name albeit his progress is slow but that juat makes it more amazing when he achieves something

Rachwyso Sun 29-May-16 19:43:15

Sorry posted that before i finiahed!
Its great news that your results came back that your having a healthy DD but really having a child with Ds isnt as awful and scary as people imagine, there just isnt enough positive information available when given a diagnosis or when telling a woman she is high risk of having a baby with Ds.

Good luck for the rest of your preganancy

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