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3rd trimester nausea & vomiting

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Marquand Wed 25-May-16 09:13:04

I've been a bit nauseous throughout my pregnancy (currently in the 30th week), but I mainly escaped vomiting.

I have a horrid month behind me. It's early winter here, and everyone in the house has been sick. Ear infection x2 for DD (6), croup for DS (3), and DP has been coughing and spluttering. I was sick from the start, but given my condition didn't go to the doctor early on. When the coughing eventually made me vomit, I went to the doctor. I was thoroughly sick and miserable (bronchitis, flu, and sinus), and ended up on antibiotics, and taking nearly two weeks off work. (In fact, if I had a choice I wouldn't be at my desk now...).

The antibiotics were horrid. I'm not sure if it helped with getting better, but it did a fine job in making me sick. I was vomiting daily, and even though I had to go back to the doctor at the end of the course, she decided not to extend it (I was on a 5 day course, typically they prescribe a 10 day one).

The problem is that the nausea and vomiting have continued more than a week after the course ended. I'm not sure why - throwing up is often related to coughing fits (still...) but not always. I'm trying to figure out what I'm in for for the next two months or so.

Does anyone else have experience of this?

ElodieS Wed 25-May-16 13:40:49

Hi there,

I didn't have the added horror of illness in the family but I did experience a return of sickness in the final trimester of my first pregnancy. I had twins and to be honest I think it was just the sheer amount of pressure on my stomach... not very scientific, I know! I would only manage very small meals and had terrible acid reflux which ended up with my being physically sick every few days. It was grim, but I was advised there wasn't too much to be done about it.

Sorry if that isn't very reassuring! If you think it could be related to being ill though, I'd get it checked out...

E x

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