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Are forces always an awful experience?

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SilverHoney Tue 24-May-16 19:37:22

With DC1 I didn't really have a birth plan, as I had no idea what to expect and was happy enough to go with the flow.

Now 30 weeks pregnant with DC2 I'm thinking of sharing my preferences a bit more explicitly with DH beforehand.

I've heard lots of "horror stories" of people's experiences with forceps; long recoveries, ongoing health issues. Would an emergency csection be better than forceps?

SweetieDrops Tue 24-May-16 19:41:29

It depends on the circumstances of the birth, there are times the baby is too far down already for C section so forceps are more appropriate. I've had a forceps delivery and for me it was better than a C section because it was over quite quickly and getting prepped for theatre, epidural etc would have taken much longer.

BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 24-May-16 19:45:04

I have a long recovery/ongoing issues from forceps. The baby was too low for a section, plus there was no time to numb me in any case.
It was honestly fine though. Yes I'm still having physio a year later (DS is one tomorrow, woo!! smile) but you do what you gotta do and it was honestly not as bad as it sounds. So that was forceps with no pain relief whatsoever, as well. Sounds like a horror story but I feel very positive about the whole thing, all things considered.
Good luck! smile

StubbleTurnips Tue 24-May-16 19:46:56

I had forceps and had no issues at all.

DD was back to back long labour, and I had an epidural. I had an epistisomty (sic!) and no issues post birth. It was right for us at the time.

firawla Tue 24-May-16 19:50:08

I had forceps with my 1st. Similar circumstances to stubble with back to back long labour etc - recovery was fine and I'm glad it didn't end up as an emcs. Ds had a slight mark on his head from the forceps but was also fine and it faded in couple of days. I would take forceps over emcs again if given the choice of those 2

mrsmugoo Tue 24-May-16 19:55:01

I don't think anyone chooses forceps. They're used in life threatening situations.

My birth preferences are: my baby and me to be safe and healthy at the end!

SilverHoney Tue 24-May-16 20:00:42

FFS forceps not forces, clearly.

Bendy you seem to have a really positive mentality over the whole experience. And happy birthday to your DS.

mrsmugoo but if forceps could potentially damage the mothers health (obviously not in all cases), and baby could safely be delivered by cs, is that not a choice I have the right to make?

PennyPinwheel Tue 24-May-16 20:15:41

With dc1 I had forceps after a long and traumatic back to back labour, I had an episiotomy first, which they then extended and I still tore. It was extremely painful, I had only been on gas and air which the doctor made me stop when we got to the forceps part. The pain after was due to one of the knots from the stitching. I could barely walk and struggled to stand up unaided. I also had a spectacular purple bruise underneath! In the end I went back to the hospital for them to cut out the knot and it did help. 4 years on I have no long term physical effects.
With Dc2 I had an emcs as he was breech. It was an utter breeze in comparison, recovery included. Literally the only downside was being unable to drive (due to insurance).
It's just my personal experience but if there's a dc3, I know which I'd want!

StubbleTurnips Tue 24-May-16 20:16:11

Silver it entirely depends on how far the baby is down the birth canal.... There's a point where CS isn't viable, and the baby has to come out smile

NotWithoutMyMerkin Tue 24-May-16 20:17:14

There are different types (2 I think) of forceps and one is much more likely to cause issues/damage than the other. It's worth researching

CutYourHairAndGetAJob Tue 24-May-16 20:23:22

I had a forceps delivery with dc1. I was given a spinal block so it wasn't painful at the time although I did find it quite scary.

Recovery was quite painful although I have not suffered any long term issues.

The real benefit of forceps (as opposed to cs) is in my opinion the impact on your future birth options; I was able to have a home water birth with dc2, which I don't think would have been an option if I'd had a cs.

mrsmugoo Tue 24-May-16 20:23:28

HCP make decisions in the moment of what is safest for mother and baby.

Of course you can express a prior desire to go to c section sooner rather than later but there's still a point of no return where if things get hairy then it's forceps or....

It really makes me roll my eyes when people say no forceps in their birth plan. They're a last resort to get a distressed baby out before it's too late - not a choice like being in water or not wanting an epidural ffs.

Peasandsweetcorn Tue 24-May-16 20:24:44

DD could well be dead or have brain damage due to oxygen deprivation if she hadn't been yanked out with forceps. I was being prepped for a c-section (in theatre, incision area being swabbed etc) when her heart rate dropped further and, as she was quite low, they "had a go". She had marks on her face for 36 hours & I winced to walk for the first week but otherwise all is well.

Canyouforgiveher Tue 24-May-16 20:39:01

I had forceps and I wouldn't recommend it. I wish they had sectioned me sooner - there were enough indications but by the time they used the forceps, it was probably too late - maybe.

I'm not sure I agree that someone shouldn't say that she preferred no forceps - it might prompt an earlier decision to section. I certainly wish I had made it clear that I didn't value a vaginal delivery over everything. I do wonder if I had said no to the forceps I want a c section, what would have happened (I already had an epidural on board).

HCP do make decisions in the moment but as it happened the decision to use forceps wasn't the safest for me.

That all said, OP, I was fine, baby was fine, and there were no long-term consequences, fortunately.

Torfhinn Tue 24-May-16 20:40:39

Forceps got my stressed baby out in 5 minutes, a c-section would have taken longer. Unpleasant experience but over quickly, and baby safely delivered. The worst part was slow episiotomy healing, but you can get that with a c-section wound as well. I wouldn't like to have it done again, but would pick forceps over a section any day. I would advise people not to rule anything out but to be informed prior to labour so you can make an informed choice in the moment.

GoodLuckTime Tue 24-May-16 21:05:31

You can have a preference. I requested help after w v long pushing stage, dr offered forceps, I said no, ventouse (it's a suction cup).

I have my reasons, someone close to me lost their baby following a forceps delivery, though it was a long time ago and forceps the response to a distressed baby, not the cause as far as we know.

Anyway, you can have a view, I expressed my wish tithe dr and they were happy to go along with that. I had a epistiotomy along with it, recovery from that was fine.

Since I have learned that an in labour c section is often lower risk that forceps or ventouse delivery, though at the time I was keen to avoid a c section. PFB was all good after, no funny shaped head which I they can sometimes get with ventose (as the pulling action shapes thei scull a bit)

BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 24-May-16 21:14:58

Thanks OP smile my birth plan said no forceps and I did wail 'please may I have a c-section' as they were wheeling me into theatre 😄 But DS' heart rate was nowhere to be found and he was right there so needed to be pulled out. He was 8lb10 and shot out in 40 mins so I may still have had a similarly looooong recovery without forceps - I'm recovering from a big tear, not specifically forceps I guess.
I'm definitely having a section next time!! I'm not risking my continence (or lack thereof) getting any worse!

Nuttypops Tue 24-May-16 21:20:34

I had a forceps delivery with DD1. Long labour, she was in distress and I simply couldn't get her out on my own. She was too far down to have had a c-section though. I didn't originally think things would end up going the way they did, and had I realised earlier I might have asked for a c-section instead but at the time forceps was the safest option in a scary situation. Neither DD or I had any complications as a result of the forceps use. I had other issues following her birth but was likely to have had them whether or not forceps had been used because of the earlier issues during labour.

Now expecting DC2, and whilst I am very hopeful that I will have an easier delivery, I wouldn't refuse forceps if they were necessary.

Heirhelp Tue 24-May-16 21:30:00

I have just had a EMCS for a week and a half I was unable to get in and out if bed without help and alot of pain. I could not change her at first and I can't pick up her pram for two months.

I also developed and invisible infection and has to be readmitted to hospital for 4 days, I was in sepsis and close to spesis shock. One in three people with go into sepsis die. EMCS saved mine and my baby's life but it is not a positive experience.

AuntieMaggie Tue 24-May-16 21:32:52

I had forceps with ds as his head was stuck and to be honest I wouldn't say it was a 'bad' experience. I had a small tear but the epidural and gas and air meant I couldn't really feel it. I was bruised and sore for a while after but it wasn't as bad as I expected it would be after labour. Maybe I'm just delusional and it was awful but it was pretty special for me

Rinceoir Tue 24-May-16 21:37:20

I had a failed trial of forceps followed by a GA emcs. I don't regret the trial, and in future would agree again no problem.

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