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Early scan

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ProseccoKiss Tue 24-May-16 13:29:41

Hi all, just looking for reassurance really. I'm 7+3 today and last night had a small amount of spotting. Then this morning had more of a brown discharge (Sorry, tmi!). Anyway, went to Drs today who said she thinks it's fine as a miscarriage would be more blood and more painful but I was so worked up she said she will refer me for an early scan which I think is more to put my mind at rest. She said it may be an internal scan to get the best look. Just looking to see if anyone else had anything similar happen to them? Thanks lovelies xx

chelle792 Tue 24-May-16 13:32:05

I had an early scan last week at 6+4 because I had a slight bleed. They found a heartbeat so I was v relieved. Hope yours goes ok

MyBreadIsEggy Tue 24-May-16 13:35:39

Happened with both of my pregnancies. First time round was a bit of dark blood noticed when I went to the toilet. Had an early scan and all was fine - they couldn't pin point a reason for the bleed, but baby was perfectly fine - she's 13 months old now smile Same thing again with this pregnancy. Had an early scan, and they said I have a small bit of scarring on the outside of my uterus from my previous pregnancy which could have caused it this time - but again, baby is perfectly fine, I'm 17 weeks now.
Good luck OP smile I'm sure you'll have nothing to worry about flowers

missybct Tue 24-May-16 15:05:52

Yup, I had two early scans - both were vaginally (so internal). You wouldn't really be able to see much if anything at 7 weeks if you did an abdominal scan.

Brown blood usually indicates old blood, so could be left over implantation or discharge that has come down as you've progressed through pregnancy. Spotting is very common in early pregnancy, and midwife is probably right.

At 6 weeks + 2 I was able to see a fetal pole, yolk sac (which feeds baby prior to placenta formation) and heartbeat, plus acknowledgement that baby was in the right place (i.e; not in fallopian tube). Not sure if this is your first, but don't expect to see much - you may see flickering (which is the heartbeat) but it won't be super clear unless you're really used to early pregnancy scans. Still, we got a print out, and sonographer measured baby and told us he was growing correct to the dates we had.

I'm 22 weeks tomorrow smile.

ProseccoKiss Thu 26-May-16 09:47:15

Thanks so much for your replies - they had to go an internal scan which wasn't as awful as id imagined! Everything was fine, I was their little heart beating away on the screen and they even let me have a pic! Baby is measuring 7+4 and I worked out myself as 7+5 (today's date) so pretty much spot on!! xx

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